Tools are but Extensions of the Mind

My second Vlog Post EVER!

Actually, it’s a mix between and Vlog and a Screencast. Either way, I’m talking about the writing process and three particular programs that I use to enhance, develop, and organize the development of my stories.

Most of you will have heard of Final Draft for screenwriting, and even Scrivener for novel-writing, but the third program, Personal Brain, is the main focus of the post for story development and organization.

Take a look and tell me what you think!


  1. That was awesome Jamal. Seriously, great vlog. I tweeted it as well. I love Scrivener but I believe it is only for you lucky Mac users. Us stuck with our rubbish PC’s are a bit limited.

    You’d mentioned Personal Brain before, so it’s great to see it in action. I’d watched a video about it that you’d told me about. Final Draft also looks awesome.

    Really good, informative and useful vlog. Also nice to see you and hear you as well. Very cool and thank you for taking the time to share the software you use. One day, when I have a decent laptop (the one I’ve got is OLD lol) I can hopefully use all these programs.


  2. Thanks for sharing the info. You were very informative, as usual. I love the vlog!


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