Relocating Amachi

I “created” the above image in a nifty web app called wordle that allows you to dump RSS Feeds, or text into it, and it manufactures an image like what you see above based off of the source’s word usage. You can change the fonts, colors, and word formations to make some pretty cool imagery.

As you can see, the wordle is about my dark fantasy novel “AMACHI which I’ve chosen to publish independently. The title of this post refers to me recently converting from PC to Mac and having to port over all the digital material for the story and slapping it into Scrivener.

I have a lot of development information to transfer over digitally and most of the material will have to go through a phase of redevelopment because I created all of it back in ’06 when my “new” writing process was in its infancy. Now, in 2011, all the old stuff has to pass my evolved development process, which is a good thing, and can only make the story stronger in the long run.

Scrivener is enhancing my experience with all of its great capabilities. Being that I can easily store and link reference images for every element of the story, I find myself collecting more images, and other research data, so that I can really get a visual feel for the world I’m redeveloping.

As you can see in the picture above, I have reference pictures for how I physically see Amachi, her weapons, and items.

The picture is of Actress Nona Gaye playing the role of Zee in The Matrix Reloaded/Revolutions.

I’ll get some reference pics for clothing in there too pretty soon. As I redevelop Amachi’s world, I can pull in my hand-drawn sketches and grab some more landscape reference pics from the net and have everything in one nice bundle that I can backup and store. Even print out “hard” copies if my system goes down.

Currently, I’m in the middle of interviewing Amachi herself, and she’s a fearless warrior to the heart. I smile, nearly laugh, knowing that the events of her story arc will soften her, break her, then rebuild her into something she never thought she’d be or set out to become.

Well, that’s it for my little Project Journal Update.

‘Till next time!

  1. How are things coming along with your projects?
  2. What bumps in the world have you seen your way passed?

4 thoughts on “Relocating Amachi

  1. Thanks for sharing! Looking forward to the release of this book!


    1. Thank you, Sir!

      I can’t wait to release it, lol. Gotta get it done first. If only I could WILL it into existence.


  2. Hmm … Now I’m looking forward to getting Scrivener at some point. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!


    1. Hey, M!

      Yeah, Scrivener really is a great program. Easy to use and it lets you develop and write the way YOU want. Doesn’t force you into a “creative template”.

      And as always, thanks for stopping by!



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