I Got An Award! You Got An Award!

Hey all, Hanna Fergesen over at The Quill, The Key, and The Compass found it in her heart of hearts to give me a Blog Award, and I thank her for it. I really appreciate it as this is my first Award for Blogging.

Now, there are some rules that come along with this Award.

1. Thank and link to the person who nominated you.
2. Share seven random facts about yourself.
3. Pass the award along to 15 deserving blog buddies.
4. Contact those buddies to congratulate them.


  1. I have six tattoos.
  2. I’m a Bicentennial Baby | American Zodiac: Aquarius | Chinese Zodiac: Dragon
  3. I was put on trial by my 8th Grade Class, along with two of my best friends, and banned from attending their crappy “prom”.
  4. I got hit by a car when I was a kid. Well, a parking car. It did knock me out though.
  5. Prefer Quality over Quantity.
  6. I love the idea of Snipers.
  7. When I was 15, I made my Mother, Brother, and Sister fall in love with a character in one of my stories, then I killed the character just to see how it would affect them. 20 years later they still remember that character, and they still hate me for killing them off. Ha, HA! I call that a WIN! “WINNING”
  1. Jeanne V. Bowerman – Ramblings of a recovering Insecureaholic
  2. Kyra Dawson – Brighter Scribe
  3. Tramaine J. Green – TramaineGreen’s Blog
  4. Mercedes M. Yardley – A Broken Laptop
  5. Melissa Kinnel – Ever Flowing Thoughts…and Other Randomness
  6. A.T. Russell – Home of the Great Alpha Wolf
  7. Rebecca Clare Smith – Rebecca Clare Smith’s Journal
  8. William H. Johnson – Life Through the Prisim: An Author’s Journey
  9. Romona Robinson – MonaLisaWriterChick
  10. Y. K. Greene – Sarah a.k.a. Legion
  11. Kelly Anelons – Kelly Anelons
  12. Lakisha Spletzer – Kishazworld
To Be Continued…

8 thoughts on “I Got An Award! You Got An Award!

  1. I’m really glad you got the award. You completely deserve it.
    & thank you so much for the mention.


  2. tramainegreen June 4, 2011 — 1:16 pm

    Aww. You shouldn’t have. Where do I give my speech? Lol. I prefer staying in the background.


  3. Congrats! I almost got run over by a car at the age of 8. Been petrified of automobiles since. I take ages to cross a road and I’m the worst passenger ever so I just avoid cars as much as possible.
    Love the bit about getting banned, proms are for bloody losers anyway, I didn’t attend my high school prom, why bother with such stupidity lol

    Sorry not around, have a nerve compression on right hand. Cannot type much, but wanted to just stop by and say hi…


    1. Yeah, I was wondering what happened to you. Hope your hand gets better. How are thing writing wise? I mean, creatively, with your Boy?

      But, yeah, I think that whole getting banned destroyed my “need to belong”. Showed me early on how cruel people can be. I’m thankful for it though. It’s made me a stronger individual.


      1. Creatively, the boy is as strong as always. I’m attempting an edit/re-write, though it’s hard when right hand hurts 😦

        I never belonged, so I was always an outcast/outsider. It is interesting how it shapes you and changes you. Def. makes you stronger.



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