For the past couple weeks, I’ve been working on a new addition for my “Free Read” Library.

It’s a short story, a Paranormal/Thriller titled “CADAVER DOG: The Smell of Fear”. It’s about a 13-year-old girl named Sylvia “Silly” Moore who stumbles across a serial killing pedophile and his latest abductee. Silly is an inquisitive ball of energy with unique special abilities and she must use her powers to thwart the serial killer before he slays his victim.

It’s a real dark story, and I’m using it as a chance to work on my “suspense writing”. There will be about six to seven characters throughout the story overall. Silly has been developed, I’m working on my serial killing pedophile right now. The story will be about 7,500 words and between work, life, and my main projects, I plan to have Silly’s story finished by the end of June. So, stay tuned, of course I’ll let you when it’s finished and posted.

2 thoughts on “CADAVER DOG

    1. Thanks for reward, Hannah. As you mentioned on your blog, I don’t normally get rewards either, so I really appreciate it.



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