How Wicked We Are

It’s rather depressing at times when I think of how willing we are as a species to give in to  wickedness and bad behavior.

In what I do for a living, I deal with a range of people, from foreigners to citizens, to personal consumers to customer employees to business owners, and I’m often…disappointed at how people let negative emotions rule them.

If someone is having a bad day, they are more than willing to show you just how bad it is  and punish YOU for it though you have nothing to do with their circumstances.

In my opinion, in most cases there are no excuses for such behavior. Reasons like: “I’m not feeling well” to “I haven’t had my coffee yet” and “My deal fell through” are ridiculous to me.

I have bad days like everybody else, but if someone has nothing to do with it, I can’t bring myself to be mean, or rude to them. They did nothing to deserve it.

A couple of things are always on my mind, one being, the spiritual consequences are not worth it. When it’s my turn to face God and answer for my actions, I’d rather not have a list of petty actions to run down especially when the only reason for my behavior is “Just cause”.

Secondly, you don’t really know how the things you say and do to people will affect them, and most times you can’t take them back. It’s selfish to expect someone to accept your ill-behavior just because you were having a bad day or whatever other reason you have.

I wonder why people are willing to dwell in negativity. The only good news they really want to hear is their own and they love to revel in the misery of others.

How perverse is it that people watch “Jerry Springer” and other shows like it, reality tv, because looking at/poking fun at/talking about someone else’s problems makes them feel better about their own.

Do they not realize that, the time they spend indulging in such things, is time lost trying to fix their own issues?

People spread rumors, gossip about each other, curse each other out, get each other fired, hurt each other’s feelings, plot each other demise all for what? I would say 95% of the time it’s for reasons that don’t matter to the BIG PICTURE.

It’s a repeating cycle. People behave negatively which in turn causes someone to have a bad day, then that person feels justified in being rude or mean to another, then that person…, etc.

Its like virus, a disease, a zombie apocalypse scenario where one person bites another and the next thing you know we’re all fighting for our lives.

If only people thought more about their actions and the reasons behind their behavior before taking action. I think they’d find that it’s not worth it in the long run.

Is being Bad easier than being Good?

If not, then explain human behavior, lol!

4 thoughts on “How Wicked We Are

  1. I don’t think it’s a matter of ‘giving in’ to bad behavior. That would imply the person gave consideration to it and made a conscious choice. And my rose-colored glasses just won’t allow me to see it that way. I think for the most part people are just oblivious to how powerful each and every one of us, and by extension, our words and actions are. If they knew, they would be so much more careful with their actions. For the most part, I suspect it’s a learned behavior. That doesn’t explain the truly ‘bad’ people, perhaps, but it’s a start.


    1. Yes, learned behavior indeed. I agree with that.

      I just wish people would take time out to sit and think about why they do the things they do, and why their life is the way it is.

      Personally, I think people are really afraid to take a hard look at their lives because they won’t like what why themselves find out, but until people become brave enough to do that one small thing, a lot of what plaques human civilization will never change.

      I don’t think any of our social cancers will ever be cured until we all get on the same page, and it saddens me to admit that the idea all of man kind being on the same page almost makes me life at the improbability of it without the direct influence of God.


  2. You know, people have NO idea sometimes, how hurtful words can be. My mother battered me emotionally with words from day one, until I was rescued by my father at the age of 14. It would take me an entire post to tell you all the damage she caused me. So yeah, when people say ‘I’m having a bad day’ or ‘I’ve had a bad life’ and then take it out on others, I don’t understand it either…sigh

    Not that I am a saint, but I am always very self-aware of my actions and always try to keep to myself if I am in the kind of mood where I could snap at someone. Mind you, I only tend to snap when pushed and pushed.


    1. yeah, so do I, but it does take a lot to push me, lol.



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