A Small Step But A Step Nonetheless

Well, it’s done. Well, almost done.

I’ve submitted Things People Do into two of three screenwriting competitions I’m taking a swing at before year’s end. It’s a small step, but a step nonetheless.

At least the script is out there now, in some way, and I feel like I’m doing something with the material even though it’ll be months before I hear anything that. That is IF I hear anything. I know the odds are stacked against me , but aren’t’ they always?

If nothing comes of the competitions, I plan to look towards an Indie film or Web Series. I know the painfully human characters and dirty-gritty, but relatable, story can definitely hold an audience. I’ll get it to the world one way or another. With today’s technology it’s inevitable, ha!

10 thoughts on “A Small Step But A Step Nonetheless

  1. That is awesome! Best of luck to you! 😀


    1. Thank you much! Always moving forward is the plan!


  2. Congrats on taking those steps! I think it’s great! You can’t get anywhere if you don’t take those first steps. And there’s always more steps to take along the way! Keeping my fingers crossed for ya!


    1. Oh, yeah, a LOT MORE STEPS to take, lol! But I’ve never been afraid to work for it, so…lol!

      Thanks for the good luck!


  3. Great work! I think it’s a big step – making the decision and actually submitting. It takes courage. 🙂 So congratulations! 😀


    1. Yes, it certainly does take courage, and I’m all about conquering fears. Especially those of rejection.


  4. Best of luck, that’s the first script I’ve ever read, and I love how different they are to book chapters, I love the simplicity but how much action is conveyed in a few words. Just remember, you’ve done it, that first step that so many of us are so afraid of, and no matter what happens, you have that, but I hope you get good news too 🙂


    1. Yeah, screenplays are different from novels. Definitely an exercise in “Show, Don’t Tell”. Thanks for the luck!


  5. Hey, congratulations. I hate the wait, but it’s the only way to getting it published. At least you’ve submitted and that *is* a step forward.



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