When Predator Becomes Prey

With “Things People Do” making its rounds in three Screenplay Competitions, I’ve been focusing most of my creative energies on my second Feature Spec. “Sylvia”. It’s a Sci-Fi/Psychological Thriller where “A Serial-Killing Pedophile abducts a little girl, with dark powers, who becomes his worst nightmare.”

It’s a dark tale of wolves in sheep’s clothing.  Things aren’t always what they seem. People aren’t always who they seem, so take a closer look at your next door neighbor, or even your best friend, lol.

In Sylvia’s beginning, it’s very much a versus battle of sorts, “Predator vs. Predator”, but soon enough, the pedophile realizes that he’s bit off more than he can chew, and it quickly turns to “predator becomes prey”.

I’m having a lot of fun developing the World of Sylvia, the great characters and their clashing agenda’s, Sylvia’s bizarre powers and the mechanics behind those bizarre powers.

It’s all coming together nicely.

So far:

Logline & Synopsis: DONE

Main Characters: DONE

Act Breakdown: DONE

Plot Characters: DONE

Sequence Breakdown: DONE

Supporting Characters: IN PROGRESS

After the supports are done, Scene Breakdowns are next, which I’ve amassed great pool of scenes to pull from to get things going. Then, it’ll be a matter of filling in the gaps to tell a solid and compelling story.

With it’s natural potential for some great suspense and action sequences/scenes, I’ve taken my time fleshing out the psychological aspects of Sylvia’s story. There’s a broad mix of characters all with their own goals to achieve and reasons/motivations that drive them.

As with “Things People Do”, you’ll see the dark side in some characters and you’ll also see the “why” behind their darkness, but you’ll also see how their darkness brings out the darkness in those around them, as well as the light in some others.

When the smoke clears, the story will have been like one big therapy session for most of the characters laced with cold case detectives, a secret government agency, and a dark cabin in the woods.

So far, I’m on schedule to have a first draft done by April and out to Beta’Readers in May.

Progress is good.

Share an entry from your Project Journal. How are you coming along with your progress?

8 thoughts on “When Predator Becomes Prey

  1. Sylvia sounds like my kind of movie! I love anything to do with the predator/prey relationship. Here’s a link to my last week’s recap, but on New Year’s Eve I’ll post the year in review: http://wp.me/pj6xM-1kw


    1. Cool. Thanks for sharing. I will definitely take a look at your recap!


  2. Sounds good Jamal. I haven’t been doing much of anything creatively speaking lately, but I plan to begin my rewrite again, soon…

    Sounds like you’re making great progress. Good for you 🙂


    1. Yeah, thanks, Alannah.

      Just had to take a break from it all, huh?

      Oh yeah, I’m learning to play the Guitar now. My wife bought me an Acoustic Guitar for Christmas. I wish my fret fingers would go numb, lol! Man, they hurt.


      1. Yeah, mentally necessary lol. That is just BRILLIANT, so glad, but oh yess….the pain, oh the pain when trying to press down on the strings is legendary, and only passes if you practice, practice and practice some more, until you get calluses and there is no more pain…I know, I need to build up the calluses again myself…ack


        1. lol, yeah, I totally understand and accept that necessary evil. Just wish there was a way to speed it up, lol. I plan to practice every, not to get callouses, but just because I REALLY want to learn how to play, and play well. Other than writing, music is my 2nd creative passion.


          1. Don’t worry, little by little, you’ll improve, and considering how disciplined and organised you appear to be, I bet you’ll be playing well in no time.



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