Mother’s Little Helper: Excerpt

Mother's Little Helper888As I’ve mentioned before, I’m releasing a short story next month titled “Mother’s Little Helper”. It’s a horror tale  right for the Halloween season about a little boy, Bryan Gilbert, and his blind love for his mother. Below is an excerpt, where you’ll get to meet Bryan and read what he’s like.

Bryan strode through the living room and grabbed his book bag off the couch. The evening news pulled his attention to the television. An anchor woman talked about a little girl who went missing from his school a couple days ago. She reported how her mutilated body was found in a dumpster somewhere earlier that afternoon.

Bryan knew the girl. Her name was Jessica Sanford. She was in his sixth grade class, and he had a crush on her that he would never admit to anyone but his mother. At the time, he didn’t understand why his mother wanted to hurt her, Jessica was always nice to him, but if it would bring his mother back, he didn’t care what she did.

Jessica’s parents were on the television now, holding up a picture of their daughter. Jessica’s red hair was pulled into two braids and her wide smile showed all her teeth. It was a school picture, and Bryan remembered when it was taken, because he had to wait in line behind her. Jessica’s mother cried into her hands while her father spoke into the crowd of microphones that surrounded them.

Bryan knew he should’ve felt something for them, but he didn’t. He’d have his mother back soon, so why should he be sad?

“What are you waiting for?” His father glared at him from the dining room.

Bryan flashed an annoyed scowl then headed for the stairs. As he climbed the steps two at a time, he mumbled under his breath, “For you to die.”

I hope you liked the excerpt, the little peek into Bryan’s mind.

Next week, is the Cover Reveal, so swing back by.



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