WWM: World War Z


  • Hey, why didn’t they attack the drunk?
  • Man, that apartment complex is scary
  • Get off the ROOF!
  • Is it in the saliva only?
  • Doctor is cool
  • Geez, what would you tell your spouse if you had to watch them go back out into that mess?
  • Did he just…? Doctor just shot himself
  • Doctor is WAS cool
  • How is the burnt Colonel still trying to move?
  • Squeaky ASS bikes!
  • No, don’t call him NOW!
  • “Sorry, boys. I got this one.” – NICE!
  • The short-haired soldier girl is going to be special
  • Well, there goes the wall
  • Go ahead, Soldier Girl. Throw those grenades! Sorry you had to lose your hand though.
  • I knew she was special (to the story that is)
  • Throw the grenade, Brad!
  • Really? You gonna kick his family off the boat?
  • “What’s the matter with B-Wing?” HA!
  • Watch the glass, Brad
  • 56964!
  • Cool flick


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