MOTHER’S LITTLE HELPER: Cover Reveal. Well, sort of..

OKAY! Mother’s Little Helper will be out next month and its about time to reveal the cover for the story.

Though in this case, it is a Cover Re-Reveal.

One of my good artist friends, Shaun Benloss, who I grew up with, made this cover for me a couple of years ago before he passed away, before I had any idea about when I would release this story. I revealed this cover in another post with progression pics to show how it all came together from the first sketch to the Final Color rendition.

If you’d like to see cover progression, check out this post -> The Power of Friends.

As for the latest rendition of the cover, I added my name at the top and changed the Title Font at the bottom.

Dosen’t little Bryan Gilbert look nice and devious with the full support of his sweet and loving dead mother behind him. The bond between mother and son can just bring you to tears sometimes, lol!

mothers little helper cover13JW

2 thoughts on “MOTHER’S LITTLE HELPER: Cover Reveal. Well, sort of..

    1. Thank you, Sir. My friend did me proper.



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