EVERNOTE: For On-The-Go Story Development

Evernote is a fantastic information storage tool that saves to the cloud. You can save/store practically any kind of file format: Text, Image, Video, Audio, you name it, Evernote can store it. With desktop, web, tablet, and mobile phone applications you can create, share, store, and access your information anytime, anywhere. Organizing your information is a dream with Evernote. You can create individual text notes, or attach information to each note, store related notes into notebooks, and even group related notebooks into stacks.

I’m not going to go into all of Evernote’s features and possible uses, but outside of general information storage and on-the-go note taking, I use Evernote for the initial development of all my stories. I use Evernote on my iPhone, iPad, and Mac Book, and with that set up, I can jot down new ideas for a story and access existing story information no matter where i am as long as I have one of my devices handy. That means I can develop characters, locations, dialog, scenes anywhere and not worry about getting my content back to one place for completion, it’s already there. While I’m out and about, I can write down character info on my phone, and when I get home, I just open my Mac Book, or iPad, and continue working on that note right where I left off. I can also, share notes with people for feedback and collaboration.

How I use Evernote in my writing process

I have a notebook stack labeled @Scribereglyph where I store and develop a lot of my story ideas. For each idea I plan to develop into a story, I create a notebook in that Scribereglyph stack, like “One-Sided Triangle” the third story I’m working to release. In that notebook, I develop everything for the story. While the story is in the development phase, in Evernote, I can access my notes and add more information anytime, anywhere.

One-Sided Triangle Notebook
One-Sided Triangle Notebook

As you can see in the image below, I’ve created a Table Of Contents for One-Sided Triangle’s notebook where I have a checklist of what all has been and has to be done for the development of the story. On the other side, I have “Note Links”  which are like hyperlinks to story elements within the notebook. I’ve “Character Pictures” attached to character files, hand drawn location sketches, and research information.

One-Sided Triangle
One-Sided Triangle

Once my story is developed, I port everything over to Scrivener where all the actual writing takes place. With Evernote being so flexible and accessible, it’s the perfect application for development on the go.


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