WHAT’S THE STORY? Movie Theater

I took this picture at a movie theater a couple months ago while my wife and I waited to see Fast&Furious 6. I took other pictures that day, but when we returned home and went through my camera roll, this picture in particular stood out because of the woman sitting in the chair.

The writer in me wondered, What was she doing?

Was she waiting to see a  movie all alone or was her boyfriend/husband in the restroom? Was she waiting for friends to arrive for a girls day out, or was she beginning to realize she’d been stood up for a date? Was she having a good day or a bad day? Was she worried about anything? Was she happy about something in particular? Was she just killing time or really excited about seeing whatever movie she’d chosen? Had she even chosen a movie or was she still undecided?

Whats the story MOVIE

It’s funny how these little moments in time can give birth to all sorts of musings on what we think was going on at that time, and through that, we become curiously invested in a person we’ve never met. What I find even more amusing though, is how that peaked curiosity of a moment in the past, now has the writer in me wondering, What is she doing now?


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