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In Terms Of Children…

My son actually stood still for the few seconds it took me to capture his picture this morning. Afterwards, it was back to his Lego vs. Ninja Turtles vs. Transformers battle for him. How dare I interrupt his raging saga, lol!

In Terms Of Work…

I snapped both of these pictures a couple of weeks ago, the one above, going to work one rainy morning; the one blow, right outside my job just as I got off work one sunny afternoon.

Neglected Industry…

Today, I felt like sharing some of my newbie attempts at photography. A couple of years ago, I took some pictures of a really interesting industrial area. These were taken around an area I used to work in. It’s a very interesting place visually, very industrial. The decay and overgrowth easily

From The Trees

My backyard after we got all that snow and ice in “Atlanta” a couple months ago. I was one of the lucky ones who didn’t get stuck on the highways for a bazillion hours.


Snapped this picture of my son a couple years ago. I like to think he was playing with his imaginary friend who was NOT a benevolent spirit waiting to cause havoc on my household! Though, it does become more unsettling the longer I look at this picture. I’ve watched and

WHAT’S THE STORY? Movie Theater

I took this picture at a movie theater a couple months ago while my wife and I waited to see Fast&Furious 6. I took other pictures that day, but when we returned home and went through my camera roll, this picture in particular stood out because of the woman sitting

Should I Be Worried?

While cutting up a watermelon, my wife remarks with a smile, “imagine what this knife can do to a human body!” I think my corruption of her has gone too well.

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