Why Did You Walk Away?


When I woke up, I saw you sitting on the edge of the bed

I asked you what was wrong, but you wouldn’t tell me

Right there, was the first time

I felt you’d gone astray

Days went by, you started acting strange

Then finally sat me down and said

“Remember, I’ll always love you.”

If so, I don’t see how

You could just walk away

You told me that I treated you good

In a way nobody ever has done before

You said that you could just be yourself

I never made you feel misunderstood

All I can say is I did my best

But you still wound up running back to your ex

You tried to explain it the best that you could

But I don’t see why you’re scared of Something so good

I don’t understand you, girl

Why did you walk away from me?

I don’t understand you, girl

Why did you walk away?



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