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Your Words

I remember when I first heard youCall out to meIn my soulIn my mindSo clearAnd you told me thingsI’ll never forget, soI try to liveMy lifeIn your wordsThrough timeEven thoughSometimes I feel aloneI still smileBecause I know that you’reNever goneEven though sometimesI do not like this worldI still tryCause I

Still Be Friends

I never liked him and I’m not gonna LieAll I thought about was sabotageIn my mind, I was so justifiedGames that I playedWere all just to break you upCause I knew that he was not the onePlus, without him we had so much funIn all that time we spentI was

Plastic Smiles…

The other night, we had a fight You weren’t right, but out of spite You try to win, bring it up again So I’ll give in. So, I concede Apparently, that’s what you need No big deal. I hope you feel better But, you don’t. You feel like pepper You

You’re Not There (pt2)

I keep going back to the place where we first met Guess I’m hoping that I’ll met you again Strangers all I see instead And they’re nothing like you Sometimes, I sit there and wait all night Our friends and family get concerned But I tell them that I’m all

Wake Up, Baby

She said: Wake up, Baby Its morning I really had a good time last night But my boyfriends on his way home You gotta go — What am I doing this for? Sneaking out another back door Good enough to take home at night Not enough to stay in the

You Got Me

You’ve got me Sitting here Watching the clock Counting down the time Until I Can come and see you, baby Can’t concentrate On my work today Cause all I’m thinking ’bout Is holding you, baby Throw my car drive Cursing traffic lights Because they’re stopping me From seeing you, baby

Why Should I Try?

Oh, I’m sure that you expected me To stop you at the door Pleading, baby, please But, I said, no more I’m not gonna play this game Something has to change And It might as well be me I gotta question for you, girl — Why should I try When


She takes after her mother Who was never a girl who could stand still Every man she dates She lets him think that he has the right skills She only lets him in So she can get what she wants And once she has his soul She suddenly turns cold

List Of Demands

Stop what you’re doing, I want you to come over So we can relax and chill on the sofa Watch scary movies and laugh at the fakers Guess how they end and see where they take ’em When we get hungry we’ll eat home cooked meals Then play videogames to

I Remember You

Memories of the past never seem to pass When I think of you, there’s really nothing I can do About the way I feel, I’m like, this can’t be real I can still feel you even though you’re not touching me Tears drop from my eyes, I don’t want to

I Hate – You Don’t Care

I hate the way that you say what you say When you talk to me, fuss at me, yell at me, scream at me And I hate the way that you frown, you don’t smile When you look at me, you sneer at me, I saw you roll your eyes

Been There Before

Don’t try to hide it I can tell by your eyes That you’ve been crying ‘Till you just couldn’t cry anymore I now it hurts like nothing that you’ve ever felt before The pain runs deep to your core They say that love hurts But that term just doesn’t seem

And Smile

You know I’m right We’re both wrong Never should’ve let this go on this long I’m no good You’re not bad I’m the reason and cause for what we had You said “No” I said “Yes” Until I wore you down, I did my best But you’ve got a husband

Stay Tonight

Even if it’s just this once That’ll be okay I’d rather have something Than nothing at all We can stay up all night Let the music play And talk about everything under the sun I want to spend some time with you I want to see your face And lie

Why Did You Walk Away?

When I woke up, I saw you sitting on the edge of the bed I asked you what was wrong, but you wouldn’t tell me Right there, was the first time I felt you’d gone astray Days went by, you started acting strange Then finally sat me down and said

Her Protector

Ever since She was a little girl She had a dream of Effecting the world It’s the only thing She’s wanted since that age She’d dress up and Put on little shows To entertain Her mother and father The applauds they gave Put focus to her dream And even though

I Know What’s Going On

Hello, Baby Yes, I know It’s real late I”ve got questions Who is she? Don’t lie to me, Baby Cause I know Where you’ve been What you’re doing Do you love her? Either way, Baby I just hope she is worth What you’re losing Yes, I do really How could

Fill Line

Seems like Everybody knows what I should do Seems like Everybody knows how I should be Seems like Everybody has something to say If I don’t do What everybody Thinks that I should do I’m telling you Sometimes I just can’t take the pressure Of everybody pouring into my life

You Surprised Me

I was afraid That you’d walk away When I approached you I was afraid That you’d laugh in my face When I asked you to dance But you said, “Yes.” And let me lead you To the floor We danced to a song And when it was over You said,

Not My Hostage

It’s all my fault somehow, I know At least, that’s the story that you’ll tell them Since yours is the only one that matters Because your the only one that does You don’t have to sneak around Plot and scheme Perfect exit strategies As far as I’m concerned Do whatever

Don’t Cry For Me

I know you didn’t deserve it Guess you could say I’m perverted Wanted to see how far you’d go So I built you up And then said “No” Took your innocence for weakness Now I’m craving that same sweetness Always thought you’d be right here When I die I want

Even After

An Enduring Love

You’re Not There (spouse in mourning)

When death steals the love of your life.

When It’s My Turn

I never got the chance to say my words I didn’t think it’d be the end No… Imagine the pain I felt When they told me That you had gone to be With God I’ll never forget that day So… When it’s my turn to go home I pray That

Her Dirge

Bout to take all my pills Wish this pain would chill Locked in my room alone Better turn off my phone They won’t understand And I don’t give a damn I can’t live without you What’ve I got to lose? I think I’m going crazy, baby Don’t know what to

Evasive Answers

If I die in my sleep Who would miss the sound of my voice? If I wake in the morning Who would want to see my face? Would my absence be noticed on earth? Would my presence be noticed in heaven? Is God really listening Or just being polite? Would


Pain Is wanting And not being wanted Accepting But not being accepted Loving Without being loved Damn those who are desired And burn to ash what makes them so  

Not Enough

With joy you smiled “I want all of this!” With glee you grinned “I want all of that too!” In anger you yelled “I can’t live like this!” With sadness you cried “I don’t know what to do.” Out of pride I tried To give you all of that Then

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