Do You Look Forward To Your Dreams?


Not your dreams as in the goals you plan to achieve, I mean, literally, your dreams when you go to sleep.

Much like how a book can take you to far away places to go on grand adventures, for me, my dreams do the very same things. Only, unlike a scripted book, when i go to sleep, I never know where my dreams will take me.

Will I be me or someone totally different, who in my dream, I know is me?

Will my family, friends, or co-workers be in my dream? The old woman I saw standing at the bus stop as I drove to work?

Will I see people who I’ve never met or seen before in reality, but in my dreams, I’ve known them all my life?

Will the environment be totally foreign to me, or a bizarre merger of familiar surroundings I see every day, or will I be taken to a strange mysterious incomprehensible landscape, a place I’ve never seen before but know like the back of my hand?

Will I be acting in my dream, or watching others act like an audience member in a movie theater?

Will it be a good dream where I wake up smiling, a sad dream where I wake on the verge of tears, or a nightmare that I force myself to wake up from, heart pounding, scared to death?

Will it be a new dream, or the same dream over again, or the continuation of that dream open-ending with a cliff-hanger?

Will I even remember my dream or will it fade to the far reaches of my waking mind, like a word on the tip of my tongue, there but not?

The beauty is that I won’t know until I fall asleep, and even then, I won’t appreciate the wonders of my dream, the happiness, the sadness, or the horror of it, until I wake up.

I look at my dreams as just another part of my day, another part of my life, an extension of my life, to which I can’t wait to return to each night.

I look forward to my dreams.

Do you?

1 thought on “Do You Look Forward To Your Dreams?

  1. The only thing i look forward to is my dreams. I’ll wake up smiling, even after a nightmare just because I’ve had the experience. I’m depressed and have been mostly in my life. A good core of family and friends helped me mid-way through my twenties, made my life very enjoyable, made me social, made me do fun things I was disinterested in but turned out to be amazing. I was never very successful at anything except athletics so I pursued a job out of state to try and be “successful”. I lost that core when I moved and a bad relationship took all my hard work away and I find myself trying to catch up. I’ve moved back home, my friends are not there and they as well as my family don’t understand. I pretend everything is good, sit and look for jobs knowing that my life will never fulfill me even if I make a great salary again. I don’t nap or sleep a lot, dreaming to me is a once a day privilege. I lay in my bed smiling at night knowing what is to come, wondering what I will dream next, wondering what journey I will embark in. I close my eyes, I see subtle colors, flickers, patterns. I try and enhance them, I try to magnify them, then slight darkness comes to light. I’m living, I’m living in my dream and I never want to leave.



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