Out Of The Writing…

While working on Cadaver Dog, I created a character on the fly to get through a scene, and now that character is a permanent supporting cast member. Had I not made that move, I wouldn’t have been able to write the scene, which was out of the question.

It’s great how unexpected things are created out of thin air while you are actively writing a story.

I was about to write a scene where my Protagonist needed to butt heads with one of her Sub-Antagonists, as I like to call them. This was a crucial part of a subplot and not completing it meant delayed progress on my story overall.

The issue was that I needed a focal point, a cause, a reason as to why the two characters were butting head’s. I mean, I knew why, but I needed to illustrate, to present that why. So, I came up with a character, just a name really at the time, that my sub-antagonist was bullying and my protagonist, the defender that she is, quickly rose to protect the new comer.

It was exactly what I needed, Protag and Sub-Antag clashed which was the goal of the scene, conflict ensued, grudges were held, the scene was complete. I was able to move on.

As I moved away from that scene, it just so happened that the new character seemed to be useful for other somewhat related scenes as well, and from that point on they became a permanent supporting character. Now, they even have their own back story and shocking sub-plot with a twist and all that fits quite nicely around the overall plot of the novel.

So, what kinds of great unexpected things have come out of your writing?

2 thoughts on “Out Of The Writing…

  1. My current WIP is a murder mystery. I recently wrote a scene featuring a character who was to be the second scheduled death in the story, but about halfway through the scene, I discovered that I loved everything about the character. I either had to make her an antagonist/misdirection agent or take her entire scene out of the story. I ended up scrapping her scene in favor of a larger role later in the story.

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    1. Ha, cool. Thats the beauty of writing. Even as the author, when you think you know everything there is to know about your story, it still has the ability to surprise you.



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