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Character Payoff

In the ongoing quest to streamline my writing development process, I’ve decided to add another dimension to what I use to development character Plot/Story Lines. Below is what I’ve used for the past couple years and it has served me well. Goal Motive Stakes Anchor Secret Conflict Plan Dilemma I

Puppy-Love Interest

Just as I predicted, due to the unexpected scenes I mentioned in my last post, a new character has made himself known in my WIP: Cadaver Dog. I’m still developing this young man though, still getting his Goals, Motives, Stakes, Anchors, and Plans in place, along with some backstory of

Unexpected Scenes

My current WIP is a thriller novel titled: Cadaver Dog In an earlier post I explained why I am re-writing this novel from multiple points of views. In doing some of those rewrites, some other aspects of the story have changed, or evolved, concerning Sylvia, the story’s Protagonist. Sylvia is

Your Words

I remember when I first heard youCall out to meIn my soulIn my mindSo clearAnd you told me thingsI’ll never forget, soI try to liveMy lifeIn your wordsThrough timeEven thoughSometimes I feel aloneI still smileBecause I know that you’reNever goneEven though sometimesI do not like this worldI still tryCause I

Still Be Friends

I never liked him and I’m not gonna LieAll I thought about was sabotageIn my mind, I was so justifiedGames that I playedWere all just to break you upCause I knew that he was not the onePlus, without him we had so much funIn all that time we spentI was

Why I’m Rewriting from Multiple POVs

After many life interruptions and various artistic attention shifts (music and illustration), I’m back to working on my Thriller Novel “Cadaver Dog”. This time though, I’m rewriting the bulk of it from multiple POVs. Wby? you might ask. Because I’ve learned to appreciate how the practice can enhance story telling. A

Introducing Gillette

Not much is known about this mysterious woman other than that she is a Genie and Cameron’s sometime  partner and rival. She uses two Telekinetic Rings that she mentally produces, not unlike Cameron’s TK Sword and because of that, her red hair, and her stone cold lack of personality, many

Cleaning House – A Short Story

“So, what are you planning for New Years?” Margori smiled then took a sip from her red soda can. The first flakes of snow fall were peppering her dark curly hair and the shoulders of her long black wool coat.

Back in the Chair

For the last couple of years, I’ve had an on again and off again relationship with writing and I’ve made a lot of music and rendered a lot of 3D illustrations in the mean time. 

How I Balance Ability Usage vs Recovery Time

To keep things simple, the way I have it set up, my characters can have up to five different abilities or use one ability in five different ways, or a combination of both. With those abilities from one to five, they are ranked from weakest to strongest, Level Five being

Make It Through – A Narrated Horror Flash Fiction

Greetings, Everyone! Today, I have a narrated flash fiction horror story based on one of my illustrations. I created this illustration using Daz3D Studio and Pixelmator. I hope you enjoy the illustration, the story, and its narration. Tell me what you think of it in the comments below. Until next

How To Develop Story Concepts

Greetings, Everyone! Today, I’m going through my method for developing story concepts. Coming up with an idea for a story can be very hard but, having a structured template can make the task not only easy but also very exciting. My method can possibly help you with your concepts, but

Salute The Commander

Greetings everyone! Today, I present to you, Cameron, who she is, what she does, and where she’s going. She’s the very first character I brought to life through 3D Illustration and the beginning of my personal journey to learn the craft.

Why I Don’t Give My Characters “Flaws”

Greetings, All. In the video below, I explain why I’m not a fan of giving my characters flaws on purpose. Check it out and let me know what’s your take on it.

Stay Out of Her Way!

Fei'Tiliss on the Human Race: "Its time they serve us, Mother. Is it not?"

A Charming Spy and Smiling Assassin 

That’s exactly who and what Meitriq is. A new addition to the universe of Iteration Zero, Meitriq is a Genie preceded by other characters I’ve mentioned before like Cameron, Vyra, Miyako, and Jessica. Like her predecessors, Meitriq is a living weapon, a shining example of Human mastery over genetic engineering.

Shrii: Old Character, New Vision

Shrii isn’t a new character, but this visualization of her is new as far as the character’s history. She’s lives in the pages of one of my unfinished fantasy stories,  in which she is a supporting character with her own interesting character arc. A Freedom Fighter of sorts, Shrii stands against the armies

The Deal

“You see how it bent her backwards, snapped her spine clean in half? This poor girl was lucky.” Edd pointed at the broken corpse. Daren twisted his mouth and fought to keep his dinner in his stomach. The stench was unlike anything he ever smelled before. “How is that lucky?” “Man,

A Cold Decision

This was literally a once in a lifetime offer as the Organization made it very clear they would not ask again. A chance to help and save people around the world in a real way, for Jillian, was a great opportunity to become more than what she was, stronger than

Sudden Guilt

She’s destroyed many lives. Many, many lives. More lives than she cared to remember. And at the end of each one, a part of her own soul died. Soon, in horrific realization, the woman who prided herself on being fearless, finally came face to face with the one thing that

Stranger Things: Not That Strange

My wife and I binge watched it based on a co-workers recommendation. Netflix’s Stranger Things In a small town, a boy disappears without a trace and a girl appears with a mysterious past throwing the lives of some of the towns-folk into chaos. Then, the main plot unfolds to reveal ideas

For Better, Worse, or the Same?

This concept just hit me one day, and it greatly affects my writer’s mind and the depth of my writing overall. My focused realization of how situations affect characters and how characters affect situations, or at least, they should. This is a great aspect for writers to, if you haven’t

The End

If he can’t make it back to base to warn his superiors, it definitely will be the end, of everything.

To Be Free

Poked, prodded, and tested every day since her birth, Fei’Darma just want to be free.

End Game

Cameron out-smarts a Combat A.I. in a miliatary strategy simulation, and Miyako is all to happy to show her joy over it.

Mobile Writing App Greatness

This has now become a key tool in my writing productivity, and I’m going to use this opportunity to put my voice to the positive praise it deserves. Scrivener for iOS So far, it is a fantastic product that all writers and creators of the written word should know about.

Back To Writing

I’m getting back on track with my current project: ITERATION-ZERO. There’s been a very noticeable spike in my writing productivity as of late which has been long overdue. Slowly getting back to writing. I’ve been going over the first two chapters of Iterationzero, the only ones written thus far, and

And For Your Next Opponent

After defeating the heavy mech, Cameron reaches the next level in her training session where things get even more…intresting as a tank raises from the center of the training room floor.

Condsider This

Cameron raised her head and an inner conflict played across her face. “But, Master, I was made by Humans, not God. You know that.” Knight took a breath, nodded, then leaned in with all seriousness. “Well, as in how he often works, perhaps God made you through Man.” The concept


At random, I started messing around with Miyako again this past week. More modifications to her face and body. The most drastic changes are to her hair and eye color. She being a very outspoken, energetic, and often unpredictable character, I think her new look illustrates her personality a little better

FIORA: Royal Guard Companion

Fiora  popped into my mind this past week. She exsists in a fantasy world were machines and magic are used hand in hand. Despite her postion of Royal Guard Companion to the Prince, she is very outgoing and down to earth, determined to enjoy her life just as much as she is

Sister Almeda

Sister Almeda is a missionary, traveling the borders of mankind’s intergalactic territories preaching the gospel and helping those in need. This character forced herself in existence over the weekend.

Sunset, Dead Rise

After re-animation, the Undead creature will consume a Human victim, wear their flesh like a suit, assume their life, and go on to commit great acts of horror to quench its thirst for Human suffering. It could traumatize and destroy countless lives before needing to acquire a new flesh-suite and

For Mrs. Dagel

The girls  of Clairborn High are at it again. None of the girls have ever fought or even seen this type of creature before, and both Sylvia and Pepper would love to have bragging rites for its kill. While Alicia distracts it with one of her magical light orbs, a

Save Us From Ourselves

Most field ops positions in the Human Military are, ironically, held by Genies. Phearah and her comrades believe that Mankind will soon lose its ability to defend itself without them. Using intelligence and technology reaped from well placed spies, Phearah infiltrates the mission zone of a Genie on assignment. Cloaked from visual and mechanical

Make It Through

Gnashing its sharp-toothed maw, the beast was upon her. Pushed to total desperation, Chelsea fought for her life using her small frame and quick wit to out maneuver and out think the monster while trying to escape the labrythtine abandoned building. She always thought being eaten alive was the worst way


The young woman is not strong enough, and the strength of the clan must be held above all else. With her sternest rejection, Amachi tells the would-be-warrior, now kneeling in the grass with tear streaked cheeks, to return when she becomes stronger for the weak breed weakness where the strong

The Arena

Forced into slavery, her precious life hanging in the balance, Meena plots to kill her flesh-hungry captors. Everyday, she volunteers to fight in the arena for their entertainment against all manner of beasts, morbidly focused on becoming an efficient killer, and to one day take back her freedom.  

Too Fast For Ya’ll!

Miyako gets the drop on a some enemy guards. Using her speed, dexterity and flexibility, she makes short work of her foes all with a mischievous smile amused at how slow they are. In this illustration, I wanted to show how skilled Miyako is in close quarters combat while also

Progress & Solo Missions

I’ve begun writing the first draft of Iterationzero, so I thought I’d share some of its development progress. it’s been a great deal of fun developing this, the characters, their stories, and the universe within which they exist. It’s great to see how much the characters have changed from first

Return of Ahndro’Mitha

Ahndro’Mitha is one of the first characters I created when I started my journey into the world of 3D Illustration. Back then, she was just a basic concept and an enticing visual for me of what she could become. Her development has been coming along nicely but slow. Mainly because

Zenith Mercer

Despite graduating from the Intersteller Police Academy with top honors, Officer Mercer will discover that life patrolling the stars is not what she thought it would be as she struggles to live up to her family’s legacy and the name they gave her: ZENITH.      

Epoch Superior: Things To Come

Epoch Superior gazed up at the hulking machine, more so, the woman asleep inside of it, barely visible through the foggy glass portal. He licked his fangs behind his faceplate. If he had lips, he’d smile. “I found it.” He radioed the others through his helmet communicator. “Inform Fei’Tiliss that

Leila: Work Hazards

The problem with being an Interior Detailer in the far reaches of the galaxy on an uncolonized planet.    

Cameron: One Shall Fall

From the universe of Iteration Zero… Relentlessly hunting down the mutations, Cameron faces the fiercest of them yet.  

Vyra: Two’s Company

From the universe of Iteration Zero… Escorting survivors through a wrecked cargo hold, Vyra discovers another generation of mutations infesting the lab.  

Miyako: Three’s a Crowd

I created this illustration a couple days ago. From the universe of Iteration Zero, my upcoming Sci-Fi action/adventure story. Making her way through the quiet corridors to the main server room, Miyako is confronted by mutated lab personnel thirsty for blood.   

Character Interest/Activities in 4 Points

Don’t know what your character should/could be doing at any given moment in your story? Develop their interests/activities in four dimensions. Professional: What do they do for a living? (everybody’s gotta make a living, or something like that, unless you’re a perpetual student.) Public: What do they like to do

Tweaking Miyako

As the first story of Iteration Zero is still in development, I’m messing around and making tweaks to some of the characters as they hit me. This week, I’ve been working on Miyako, adding/subtracting to her outfit/gear and touching up her face. In the midst of all that, I realized

Character Plot in 12 Points

One of the greatest things about being a writer is that you’re always learning, your writing style and process is always evolving. I wanted to share the method I use to develop character plot lines. An amalgamation of things I’ve learned over the years, it’s a quick and simple, yet

Lach & Keys

Here’s another set of characters I’ve created. Lach, a demolitions expert and Keys, an elite hacker, form one of many covert extraction teams who risk their lives everyday to rebuild the government of the former United states in a post apocalyptic future. Whatever resources are needed for the underground stronghold,


ITERATION:Zero is an episodic Sci-Fi/Fantasy series I’m working on following Cameron and her elite squad as they fight to protect humanity from not only hostile alien forces, but from itself, and who knows what else. Below are my designs for the main characters and a little background info for the


This is one of the characters I’ve been working on during my break from Blogging. Her name is Ahndro’Mitha, and she just came to life one night while I was messing around with DAZ3D. It was really fun to create her. She’s still early in development, but she’s definitely going

When Actually Writing…

I keep switching between writing long hand and writing on the computer. This greatly impacts the speed at which I can crank out a scene  and ultimately complete a story draft. This has been a long, hard, vicious battle that must end! I do like writing long hand. One reason is because I can write

Out Of Character…

I developed the main character of my current novel to be one way, but once I started writing for her, she turn into someone else. A change like that can alter the tone and sometimes even the direction of a story. It’s funny how your characters can rebel against their

Out Of Writing Groups…

I’m in a writing group and I must say, I’ve learned a great many things from it. Writing groups are great because they allow you to see how your writing fares with a small section of the public, in a sense, and helps to increases your writing skills by regularly

Out Of The Writing…

While working on Cadaver Dog, I created a character on the fly to get through a scene, and now that character is a permanent supporting cast member. Had I not made that move, I wouldn’t have been able to write the scene, which was out of the question. It’s great how unexpected things

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