Lach & Keys

Here’s another set of characters I’ve created.

Lach, a demolitions expert and Keys, an elite hacker, form one of many covert extraction teams who risk their lives everyday to rebuild the government of the former United states in a post apocalyptic future.

Lach & Keys - Extraction Team

Whatever resources are needed for the underground stronghold, be it people, property, information, etc.. these two women are tasked to brave the vast and treacherous wastelands to “extract’ it, by any means, and bring it home.

Lachs Hammers

Here I was working on the placement of Lach’s favorite weapons.

What Now

I think this may be as casual as Lach can get, lo.

Who Are You 2

Keys’ umpteenth iteration. Trying to get her gear just right.

Casual Keys PW

Casual Keys looking at something wondrous in the skies.

Still early in development, but you can look forword to stories of this odd couple tag-team in the near future.

What do you think?

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