Return of Ahndro’Mitha

Ahndro’Mitha is one of the first characters I created when I started my journey into the world of 3D Illustration. Back then, she was just a basic concept and an enticing visual for me of what she could become. Her development has been coming along nicely but slow. Mainly because most of my focus is on Iteration Zero and making some new music right now.

For some reason, Ahndro’Mitha has been on my mind a lot this past week though and because of that, I was able to finally create an outfit for her. 

Didn’t focus too much on armor since she’s metallic herself. 

With this outfit came ideas for the scenes below. 

I’VE FOUGHT BIGGER: A couple of Mercs decide to mess the wrong person.
HOW PRIMATIVE: While sesrching through the rubble , Ahndro’Mitha discovers a piece of Human Technology.
SO MUCH FUN: After honorably being released from centuries of Royal Service, Ahndro’Mitha blows off some steam laying waste to an abandoned outpost.
Hope you enjoyed my character update and illustrations. I’ll be back with more on Ahndro’Mitha soon.


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