Too Fast For Ya’ll!

Miyako gets the drop on a some enemy guards. Using her speed, dexterity and flexibility, she makes short work of her foes all with a mischievous smile amused at how slow they are.

In this illustration, I wanted to show how skilled Miyako is in close quarters combat while also conveying her personality. It took about a day or two then this scene came to mind. The end result depicts exactly how Miyako handles situations. Quick on a her feet, a multi-tasker, very fast, and enjoys her work some may say a bit too much. Also with this illustration, it was my first time using muzzle flashes to depict gun fire and I think it came out pretty well.

With being the scout of the group, Miyako is used to diving into situations head first, and alone, using her small stature to catch enemies off guard. She can do a large amount of damage in a small period of time if you let her get wound up. Though her daredevil antics can become a big disadvantage for her at times, you’d definitely rather have her on your team than absent or against it.

Until next time, tell me what you think of the illustration.


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