FIORA: Royal Guard Companion

Fiora  popped into my mind this past week. She exsists in a fantasy world were machines and magic are used hand in hand. Despite her postion of Royal Guard Companion to the Prince, she is very outgoing and down to earth, determined to enjoy her life just as much as she is to protect that of the Prince.

Below, after her images, is part of a ramdon scene I wrote that illustrates the type of person Fiora is.

Zanya glared at Fiora, contempt bold in her eyes. “What is a ‘Royal Guard Companion anyway? I’ve never heard of such a ridiculous thing! What does it even mean? Exactly what does it make you to him?”

“Simply put, I’m his best protection…and his best friend.” Fiora kept her eyes on the setting sun, letting the last of its rays warm her smile.

Zanya grew quite then. Her sudden silence betrayed an inner turmoil that Fiora could feel, even without special talents.

Finally, the young woman spoke, just above a whisper. “He loves you, you know?”

Fiora scoffed. “He loves me now, yes, but it’ll pass. He’ll grow out of it.” She put her bare hand on Zanya’s shoulder. “You’ve nothing to fear from me concerning his love in that regard. I do not want his heart, but I do mean to protect it.” she gave a knowing squeeze.

Zanya stared her up and down, then brushed Fiora’s hand off her shoulder. “What are you implying?”

“Not really implying anything, more like…threatening.”

“What?” Zanya balked.

Fiora turned her smile back to the sunset. “Just watch your step little girl. Should you happen to fall, I’ll make sure you don’t get back up and that’s whether the prince likes it or not.”

And there you have her. Fiora: Royal Guard Companion


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