Stranger Things: Not That Strange

My wife and I binge watched it based on a co-workers recommendation.

Netflix’s Stranger Things

Stranger Things Poster

In a small town, a boy disappears without a trace and a girl appears with a mysterious past throwing the lives of some of the towns-folk into chaos. Then, the main plot unfolds to reveal ideas about secret government experiments, alternate dimensions, and in my opinion, horrendously bad parenting skills of the shows adult cast.

The show didn’t hit me in any particular way really, and it turned out to be just something to watch over the weekend. It felt like it would’ve been a much better read than something to watch as I didn’t care to see some of the subplot elements over some of the seeming lacking main plot areas.

The main thing I did like, to a degree, was the mysterious girl named Eleven. She had psychic powers and all, but that’s not why I liked her. If anything, it was the actresses portrayal of Eleven that caught me. She did a very good job relaying her fears and social awkwardness in dealing with her bizarre situation and the odd group of young boys who took her in and befriended her rather forcefully.


What I didn’t like was that the show seemed to move rather slow, focusing on things that weren’t nearly as interesting as the main plot could’ve been. Like Mike’s older sister’s boy problems which seemed to overshadow even the disappearance of her best friend, who I actually liked better than the older sister herself. At times, I found myself checking my email and social feeds when those types of elements took focus on screen.

Another aspect I didn’t like was the main casts cursing children. I mean, hey, I get it. I  know children curse. I cursed when I was a child, but whenever I see it on screen, not even speaking about just this show, it always seems so…wonky and I don’t know, “meh”.

stranger-things the boys

I know this is just the first season, and maybe it’s slow movement was to set up the world and characters for next season, which I will say, I am interested in seeing what direction the show takes. Though I was not particularly impressed with this season, I’m not ready to write it off yet completely.


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