Introducing Gillette

Gillette - Signature Weapons 2
Gillette: Test Me

Not much is known about this mysterious woman other than that she is a Genie and Cameron’s sometime  partner and rival. She uses two Telekinetic Rings that she mentally produces, not unlike Cameron’s TK Sword and because of that, her red hair, and her stone cold lack of personality, many believe her to be clone of Cameron. Even though HuGo scientist reluctantly report that they have never been able to create a successful clone of Cameron to date, no one can deny the similarities between the two Genies.

Gillette herself is rarely ever seen, but when she is, massive death and destruction follow.

Cameron and Gillette.png

Gillette - Full Shot
Gillette - Signature Weapon
Gillette: Here it Comes
Gillette - Signature Weapons Attacking
Gillette: Rings


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