The Walking Dead: S9E1

So, I watched Episode One of The Walking Dead’s Ninth Season, OF COURSE, and I enjoyed it.Really fun to watch and see the gang again after this recent break.

So far, I really like Rick’s new look. He appears to be a lot squarer and sturdier than he did in the past. Also, I’m digging Father Gabriel’s hat too. It makes him seem…ominous with that milky eye.

I’m loving Maggie’s dead serious resolve. She’s getting things done and apparently taking no prisoners with the hanging of Gregory. I liked their confrontation. I was surprised he actually tried to kill her himself and I was so happy when they hung him, as disturbing as that may sound. If it was up to me, he wouldn’t have made it out of Season Seven.

Maggie and Gregory

Looks like they are positioning the female characters to take the lead with Maggie at Hilltop, Michonne at Alexandria with her Chatter idea, Carol at the Sanctuary, and Oceanside were already led by women. It’ll be a grand change for sure and I’m all for it.

Something seems off with Carol though. She didn’t come across as tough as she usually does, maybe due to her relationship with Ezekiel. It almost seems like her seriousness was transfer to Maggie. Not sure well Carol is going to be able to handle the Saviors alone. Normally, I wouldn’t worry about her, but…

It Seemed very odd to see Rick basically begging Maggie for help with the Saviors. He should be in a better position than that in my opinion but he’s so stuck on helping everybody, he’s obviously doing too much in the name of Carl and spreading his group too thin. His obvious downfall.

I really can’t say there was anything I really disliked about this episode. It’s still early. Well, actually, I really couldn’t stand the way that one savior kept thanking and praising Rick. It seemed a bit excessive and was very annoying. I was like, Dude, back up!


I really enjoyed this episode and it made me want to see more off what Season 9 has in store. Can’t wait to watch more.


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