Getting In A Little Shape

So, I’ve decided to get back into my exercise routine.

I’m starting up my exercise routine again. Just to get into overall “good shape”. Keep the blood flowing and body parts moving. I’m not going to the Gym or anything. I’m not a Gym kind of guy. I don’t like the idea my exercise/workout being tethered to or dependent on a specific place.

I like to be able to exercise anywhere anytime whether I’m out of town or not. I don’t want the drive to the gym to become an obstacle, or the weather outside to be a hindrance, so I’ve made it as hassle free as possible. Basically, doing some pushups crunches, walking and running during the week. Then on the weekends, I’ll go through what I’ve learned from Boxing, Kickboxing, and Hapkido. Practicing Blocking, Punching, Kicking can really get you sweating

I’m not trying to get jacked or ripped, I just want to be more active and I don’t play sports

So, with what I’m doing, I’m getting in some overall exercise and brushing up on my self-defense. Those are things I can do anywhere and without relying on external equipment. I am my equipment.

Of course, since I’m out of practice I’m dealing with soreness and such, so I’m taking it slow and will increase things on a monthly basis.

That’s it for now. Somewhat of a random life post but I felt like sharing.


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