Unexpected Scenes

My current WIP is a thriller novel titled: Cadaver Dog

In an earlier post I explained why I am re-writing this novel from multiple points of views. In doing some of those rewrites, some other aspects of the story have changed, or evolved, concerning Sylvia, the story’s Protagonist.

Sylvia is not like most young girls as she has some special gifts that allow her to be a bit more…in tune with the people around her. Recently, I re-evaluated those gifts and made a few changes, and one of those changes has given birth to a new scene, or should I say, a series of new scenes. They are unexpected scenes, but those are the best kinds, right?

This has added a new touch of excitement to things as I write this story and figure out how, where, and when to add these new scenes. And of course, new scenes will most likely lead to even more new scenes, conflicts, and possible new characters in a cause and effect chain reaction.

I’m pretty stoked to see where all this goes and where will it lead Sylvia. How will this change her and the story as a whole?

I’ll keep you all posted.


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