Battle Angel Alita

After Daisuke Ido discovers the head of a cyborg in a trash dump, he reconstructs her body and names her Alita.

First Introduction

Back in my younger days, my father would rent Japanese Anime for me from a local video store. Along with other great titles like Tenchi Muyo, Tank Police, Bubblegum Crisis, and Gunbuster, one day, he brought home Battle Angel. Purely Random.

How it effected me

It easily became one of my favorite animes at the time. Outside of the story, which was cool of course, and even though I’ve always been a writer, I was really attracted to The character designs. This was at a time when I was, well, I still am, but I was especially heavy into character design back then and I really like Alita’s.

Medium/short hair, Bare face, black body suite, bare cybernetic arms, black gloves, boots. Her look was simple but cool. Looking at my own artwork now below, I can see the influence she has on me to this day. Its subtle in some cases, but it’s there. I didn’t even realize just how much she’s influenced me until I started looking at my Character Picture while writing this post.

Even then, after watching the anime countless times, it wouldn’t be years later until I found out the anime was actually based on a series of Mangas. I wasn’t able to get my hands on them back then as I now understand they were out of print for quite some time, but apparently you can snag them on Amazon now, which I’ll have to do. I’d like to learn more about Alita and her adventures. Honestly, my knowledge of her barely goes beyond the anime.

The Film

Now, the trailer for the “live action” film set to come out next year really has me excited. Mainly because, you might have guessed, it appears they made some real effort to make her look like her Manga and Anime renditions, which is a big plus for me. Based on some of the scene clips, it looks like a lot of the film , or at least what they’ve shown, is based on the anime I watched so many years ago.

I wonder how much of it will be the same, what has been changed, what things will be completely new to me but true to the story. I’m really impressed with what I’ve seen so far and looking forward to see more of what they reveal as it comes close to its release.


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