State Of Decay 2: 3rd Play Through P4


  • Jo is dead. She died while helping Boyle take out a plague heart. They got swarmed, Boyle couldn’t save her. This was not recorded unfortunately.
  • We have a new home base . A Police Station.
  • In desperate need of Meds but have more Materials than we need.

Day Shift

  • Though she is sick, B and Kong check out a military trauma site and find a sack of meds. Good but not enough.
  • A zombie hitches a ride on the hood of the car all the way back to base.

Night Shift

  • Ricky and Mackenzie clear an infested house, but having while trying to take out 3 screamer inside the home, they get mobbed in the garage which leads to the worst bit of close-quarters shooting Ricki has ever done.
  • While checking a house for supplies, they almost get get caught by a zombie herd seemingly lead by a Feral. With the house almost cleared, they are forced to leave early, but Ricki, not able to let it go, return to the home, kill the feral, and clears the last container.
  • Two groups of survivors leaves because we didn’t help, but we have to take care of our people first, right?

Note: My vioce recorded VERY LOW for some reason.


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