Sweetheart is somewhat of a survival horror film about a woman shipwrecked on a remote island who discovers she’s not alone and begins a fight for survival against a deadly presence that emerges each night.


Sweetheart started off by throwing you in the midst of the perilous situation with the protagonist, Jen, waking up, washed up alone on a secluded beach.

I was pleasantly surprised to discover and see that the main character was African American as I’ve rarely ever seen any in a role such as this, especially not an African-American Woman. That one aspect made the experience different and refreshing for me.

The survival strategies Jen used from catching fish to making shelters and defending herself instantly caught my attention as some were things I’m sure I never would’ve thought of if I were in her situation. So, for that, I can say the film taught me a few things and it made Jen a very interesting character to watch who was superbly played by Actress Kiersey Clemons. I felt all of her emotions and her facial expressions and body language told more of the story than any of her dialog.

The film also didn’t bog you down with awkward info dumps or ill-placed flashbacks to explain the world or character’s backstory. It treated you with intelligence, in my opinion. There are certain things characters wouldn’t say to each other because it’s common knowledge between them. With that, the dialog between characters was written to give you just enough information to piece together relationships and how they even got to the remote island in the first place.

The creature stalking Jen was done really well and definitely seemed menacing and was also refreshing in what it plainly was made out to be. You didn’t get any backstory or explanation for its existence either, but I really didn’t feel like I needed one by the end of the film. 

Jen’s will to survival was in full glory by the end of the film reminiscent of Arnold in Predator or Sigourney Weaver in Aliens. There’s nothing better than a knock-down drag-out fight to the death to get you to the edge of your seat.


Honestly, I can’t really say there was anything that I disliked about this film.


Going into the film not really knowing what it was about, then watching it to the end, I can’t say there was anything else I wanted other than what it gave. It was just enough of everything.


Sweetheart is a really good film that I would recommend to most any one, outside of those who can’t stand blood, gore, or extreme violence. The story and character combination was not only interesting but also refreshing.

I give it:

Rating: 4 out of 5.


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