Siren – Review


One week before his wedding day, Jonah and his groomsmen hit the town for a wild night of club hopping and debauchery. However, the night soon takes a twisted turn for the worse when the group is invited to a seedy underground club. After Jonah frees a seemingly imprisoned dancer, he realises that the woman he released is actually a terrifying, legendary creature that will stop at nothing to claim her prey.


Siren had those B-Movie Horror elements that I love, a decent storyline, charming characters, cool lines of dialog here and there, and unexpected events.

Let’s take the main character, Jonah, he comes off as a really nice guy, and guess what? He is, in every way, and that’s what gets him in trouble throughout the movie. The thing is though, he’s a refreshing nice guy. Not trying to be the hero, but doing what he thinks is right, and is scared out of his mind half the time he’s doing it.

I liked the Siren, LIly, also, as she was both rough and animalistic yet simple and childlike at the same time. Her best line in the film for me? “I like you.” Watch the film and you’ll see what I mean. That part is hilarious.

Another character I liked was the Antagonist, Nyx, he was by far the best actor as he played the hell out of his character and was very believable. He also had some great lines throughout the film also, like “You messed with the wrong motherfucker.” It was both unexpected and funny as hell, in a morbid way, given the situation surrounding it.

There was also a Black Female character who was really cool named Ash. She had a very unique ability and I was curious as to what type of Being she was supposed to be. I don’t think she was Nyx’s Right Hand Woman, but she seemed close to it. She was cool, calm, unflinching, and completed every task Nyx asked of her without fail.

Initially watching the film, I can honestly say that I didn’t see it ending the way it did, and yet again, it was another refreshing element.


There wasn’t much I disliked about the film really, but if I have to pick something, it would be some of the CGI work for Lily. Mainly her tail. It was obviously CGI and really looked fake in certain shots, but it wasn’t enough to pull me out of the story. I mean, I saw this as a B-Movie so I was able to let that slide in the face of all the other things I did like. It was a small element shown very few times so…I could live with it.


If anything, I wanted to find out more about Lily, Nyx, and the other bazaar characters at his night club. I know putting all that in the film would have probably bogged it down unnecessarily, and I’m not really saying it should’ve been put in the film, but all in all I’m saying the characters were interesting enough that i wanted to know more about them.


Siren is good as far as Horror B-Movies go, and I do consider it a that. It was more charming than scary with some very interesting characters. The story, acting, and dialog were all enjoyable. I took a chance on it at random one night, and was pleasantly surprised with my choice.


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