My Creative Week – 071122


I was doing some kitbashing and playing with metal shaders when I came up with Zaraili. I really like the designs on her armor. She’s a queen fighting to regain her lost queendom. I’ll be sharing her renders throughout the week on my socials.

Ninja 2

Another ninja type character. She’s an inspired mix of Chun Li and Cammy outfit-wise and partner of my unnamed ninja I created a couple weeks ago.

Back to Writing Iteration Zero

I’ve been stuck wiring iteration Zero for a couple of weeks now. Chapter 15, which originally was focused on Miyako14, was becoming hard to rewrite because it felt like I was just writing more of the same. There is a lot of action in this story and I’ve learned there is such a thing as too much action, especially when there is more action that follows this chapter.

So, I thought maybe adding another perspective might break things up nicely. I opted to switch to Dr. Paxton’s point of view for this new chapter. Hoping into his head will bring a fresh perspective to the madness that’s going on in the story.

Archer Woman

The idea for her came from an archer illustration one of my art group members created. I’ve really been on a sneaker kick lately and didn’t fall short here. Somebody should come up with combat sneakers if they don’t already exist, lol. No name for her yet, but I’m sure you’ll see more of her in the future.


She was initially Inspired by mech pilots, then her suit started taking on the aspects of a mech itself. I threw a cannon on her arm giving some Megatron vibes, some wings for flight, and a deflector shield for defense.

Her arm cannon serves multiple purposes as it can launch explosive energy projectiles as well as produce a blade of energy for melee combat.

Notion – Check it out!

Oh, I just started using Notion. So far, it’s the dream app I’ve been waiting for. Talk about getting organized and storing ideas! Man, I love it so far.

It took me about a day or two to get the hang of using it, figuring out why I should use it, and then realizing why I HAD TO USE IT. I’ve been able to import and enter so much data relatively quickly. I’ve created databases for my character, plot, and setting ideas. I’ve put together image galleries for some of the characters I’ve mentioned above in this post. I wrote this blog post in Notion, then copied and pasted it over here to publish it.

I’ll let you know what I think of it after I’ve used it for a couple months.


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