Remember The Three Stooges?

Funny how one thing leads to another.

This morning at work, I received a call from someone wanting to pick up small refrigerated truck. I asked the person if they ever rented from my company before which he wasn’t sure of. I asked if the rental was for Business or Personal and replied Business. So that I could search my system to check if his company had ever rented before, I asked for the name of his company.

The gentleman said, “Well, it’s actually for a movie set for the Three Stooges“.

The Three Stooges you say? Hmmmmm

Okay, skipping the rest of the convo, I had to take down the gentleman’s name and number to call him back once I found a vehicle for him, but the call got me thinking about the Three Stooges. I remember watching them as a kid, and they were funny and ridiculous, and I didn’t know they were making a new  Three Stooges film.

Are they making a Three Stooges film? IMDB to the rescue!

Low and behold, there is a Three Stooges film scheduled to be released in 2012. Man, a Three Stooges movie, that came out of nowhere. Thinking of the Three Stooges and their comical antics, I had to see who was slated to play the roles of Larry, Moe, and Curly.

Not too sure about the line up, but hey, I mean, I can see Will Sasso, from Mad TV, as curly, but not too sure about the others. Really, I’m shaky on the whole idea of the film anyway. Like I said, I watched and like the TV shows as a kid, but don’t think the Stooges will make a good film. I can’t say that I’ll be waiting to see it in the theatre, or on DVD, or on OnDemand, or even on Bootleg, but hey, that’s just me.

We’ll see, hopefully there’s some fantastic writing and great comedic acting to bring it home. Screenplay credits are Mike Cerrone Jr(Me, Myself, and Irene), Bobby Farrelly(Hall Pass), Peter Farrelly(Hall Pass). Bobby and Peter Ferrelly are directing the film set to release sometime in 2012.

And this all started because a guy called me about small refrigerated truck, lol.


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