I Hate – You Don’t Care


I hate the way that you say what you say

When you talk to me, fuss at me, yell at me, scream at me

And I hate the way that you frown, you don’t smile

When you look at me, you sneer at me, I saw you roll your eyes at me

Why should we go to all of these parties and family reunions

Just to keep all of this hidden from them?

And if you’re so tired, not willing to work through

Our problems, why don’t you just go to him?

I hate that your touch is so cold

I hate you new love cause ours is old

I hate that you don’t care anymore

If my heart beats at all, and your life just goes on

There you go again threatening

To walk away

Here I go once again

Begging you to stay

Cause I don’t understand what I did, why you’re mad

Why you’re acting this way

And I don’t understand all these rules that you have

You keep changing the game

You don’t even care that I’ll raise bloody hell

Just to make you stay

You don’t even care what I’ll do to myself

If you walk away



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