I Remember You

I Remember You

Memories of the past never seem to pass

When I think of you, there’s really nothing I can do

About the way I feel, I’m like, this can’t be real

I can still feel you even though you’re not touching me

Tears drop from my eyes, I don’t want to cry

But this love I have is something I can’t neutralize

Flashbacks before my eyes of our first time

And the things we did, oh my God, the things we did

To myself, I try to lie, but I can’t deny

I miss you and wish you still wanted me

All that time we had went by way too fast

And I’m ashamed to say, I let it go to waste

I thought it’d never end, but nothing never ends

We went our separate ways, I guess that was our fate

I’ve never been the same, I still call out your name

In my dreams, I see you, but you run away

I have to try to give it up, learn to live without your love

You were like a drug to me, don’t know what you did to me

Now you got me standing here wishing I was over there

By your side, back in time, back to days when you were mine

I know you have a life and I hope it’s nice

But since it’s not with me, I’m filled with jealousy

Towards the one you’re with and it makes me sick

Cause I try

But I

Can’t forget you

I remember you, I do, It’s true

And I’ll never forget you, I miss you, I do



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