Back To Writing

I’m getting back on track with my current project: ITERATION-ZERO. There’s been a very noticeable spike in my writing productivity as of late which has been long overdue.

Slowly getting back to writing.

I’ve been going over the first two chapters of Iterationzero, the only ones written thus far, and tweaking things as the characters have gone through a bit more development since I last wrote them. This mainly pertained to weapons, powers/abilities, and physical appearances for both the good guys and the bad.

The main issue I’ve been facing is the usual writers doubt, hoping I’m doing the characters and their stories justice, and sometimes even feeling overwhelmed just by the story itself.

But you know, you push through it and get it done. The story isn’t going to write itself. Every creative person has doubts from time to time. It’s the ebb and flow of things.

I love developing, writing, and presenting stories.

While the writing is ramping up, I’ve used my down time to hone my skills in 3D illustration to, you guessed it, bring my characters to life through imagery as well as text. As you can see, from all the recent illustrations gracing my blogs posts, it going very well in that department.

I’ll catch up with you later!


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