Shrii: Old Character, New Vision

Shrii isn’t a new character, but this visualization of her is new as far as the character’s history. She’s lives in the pages of one of my unfinished fantasy stories,  in which she is a supporting character with her own interesting character arc.

“Just one? Ha, no. I’m taking this one too!”

A Freedom Fighter of sorts, Shrii stands against the armies of the elite to bring down an oppressive class system. That’s ultimately where I see her going because she doesn’t start out anything like that. After crossing paths with the story’s Protagonist, a fire is lit within Shrii which will lead to her grand transformation.


Not sure what prompted me to illustrate her this past week. Especially since, initially, I didn’t know she’d turn out this way through the story. I knew she’d have a dramatic change and character arc, but I had no idea she’d turn into a double-bladed spear wielding freedom fighter. I like how she turned out.

“There she is!”

2 thoughts on “Shrii: Old Character, New Vision

  1. Great idea for a blog post. I know the feeling when a character has become so real in your head, and so fascinating, and so frakkin’ cool, but the novel/story isn’t done, so you can’t share them with everybody. And Shrii is cool (I want those boots! No, that whole outfit! LOL), and worthy of her day in the sun. I suspect she’ll have some epic adventures eventually. :-}

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    1. Ha, thanks! I’m glad you like her. She’s a handful for sure. I’m itching to get her on the page.



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