A Charming Spy and Smiling Assassin 

That’s exactly who and what Meitriq is.

This is the very first render of Metric before she ever had a name and I knew who she was. She’s yet another character who just revealed herself to me, at least visually, as I was just “messing around” with things.

A new addition to the universe of Iteration Zero, Meitriq is a Genie preceded by other characters I’ve mentioned before like Cameron, Vyra, Miyako, and Jessica.

Here, I was beginning to get a sense of her personality, but I still didn’t know who she was or what kind of world she belong on: Modern Day, Fantasy, Sci Fi, Horror?

Like her predecessors, Meitriq is a living weapon, a shining example of Human mastery over genetic engineering. Her specialties are espionage and assassination, and with an array of psychic abilities, she is a master at what she does.

Now, Meitriq is fully realized. I know her name, who she is, where she is, what she does and why. I titled this render: “If she’s smiling…it’s already too late.”

Jovial, headstrong, and ambitious, Meitriq is most at home going under deep cover to steal enemy intel, destabilize a hostile organization, or slipping past enemy lines to terminate key targets, all done with a disarming smile and a can-do attitude.

I was trying to figure out an outfit for her, but really wound up solidifying her Signature Weapon: Somewhat of a supped-up silenced auto pistol.

As pleasing to the eye and psyche as she can be, make no mistake, Meitriq is a weapon designed to fool you, and she seeks to destroy whatever or whomever her masters aim her at without question or second thought…at least for now.

Finally settled on her outfit as she is happy to hear that hostiles are inbound on her position, and she can’t wait ’till they get there.


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