Puppy-Love Interest

Just as I predicted, due to the unexpected scenes I mentioned in my last post, a new character has made himself known in my WIP: Cadaver Dog. I’m still developing this young man though, still getting his Goals, Motives, Stakes, Anchors, and Plans in place, along with some backstory of course.

Right now, I see him as a “good kid” and possible “Puppy-Love Interest” for Sylvia, which, in all the planning and plotting I’ve done for this story, that never crossed my mind. I’m not exactly sure how Sylvia will handle this, which is great because, I’m sure Sylvia herself won’t know how to handle it either. So, the awkwardness I’ll feel in writing their interactions will translate to a genuine awkwardness for Sylvia.

It works out pretty well in showing another dimension of Sylvia’s character. She usually knows how, or at least is confident enough, to handle most situations on the fly, but something as innocent as puppy-love will throw her for a complete loop.

Their first scene together is the very next scene I have to write. I know what the scene is about, at it’s core, and it will also serve as the “Good Kid’s” introduction, he still doesn’t have a name yet, and that’s about as much prep as I want to have for it. I want a really organic approach to this one and not have it thought out down to the very last action or line of dialog.

I’m sure it’ll be a great scene and I can’t wait to write it.


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