State of Decay 2: 3rd Play Through p1

Hello, All

In one of my last post “Gamer Woes“, I wrote about trying to decide on a game to play and finish. State of Decay 2 was not on the list, but I recently started up a Twitch.TV channel where I live stream and share my gaming adventures overall.

I’ve decided to specifically share my 3rd Play Through experience of State of Decay, and will upload my progress every week her on my site. So, join me in while I fight to grow my band of survivors into a strong community.

Join me on my Twitch channel ( sometime to chill and talk gaming.

Below is a summary of the gaming footage above.

  • LEADER TEAM: Community Leader Boyle and his partner Jo take down a plague heart and things get messy.
  • DAY TEAM: 2nd in Command Boudreaux and Kong help some soldiers clear out a few infestations which tuns into a lot of sniping practice.
  • NIGHT TEAM: My trusty zombie veteran Ricki and her new teammate Mackenzie clear out even more infestations.


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