Lucile, Give Me Strength!

The Famous Negan Line-up

We pissin’ our pants yet?

Just a Negan came through and punked Rick and the group in his first appearance on The Walking Dead, he’s doing it again to the group in Tekken7 in similar fashion. 

Negan is one of my favorite characters of The Walking Dead, along with the likes of Shane, and to put him in a Fighting Video Game was genius. Watching the game trailer below got me really excited and I definitely plan on downloading him once he’s released. Who wouldn’t want to play as him and wield Lucile about bashing people skulls in? Take look below and see what I mean.

First Thoughts

When I first heard that Negan was going to be in Tekken, I liked the idea but wasn’t sure about which “Version” of Negan Bandai Namco was going to use in the game: The Comic Version of the Television Version.

I am very pleased they are using the TV Version, Jeffery Dean Morgan’s Version of Megan. The dude is just so cool, and though a lot of people love to hate him, I’m more on a Love to Love him vibe. 

Of all the Walking Dead Villian’s thus far, if I had to chose one to roll with, it would of course be Negan. He’s intelligent, Charismatic, Strong, and smart enough to know it’s better to be surrounded by a bunch of Badasses than mindless soldiers, which is why, in my opinion, he tried to recruit nearly everybody on Rick’s team whenever he had the chance.

You know who else would be great in a fighting game? Michonne, in Soul Calibure more so than Tekken. I mean, it’s right there!


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