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Cleaning House – A Short Story

“So, what are you planning for New Years?” Margori smiled then took a sip from her red soda can. The first flakes of snow fall were peppering her dark curly hair and the shoulders of her long black wool coat.

Make It Through – A Narrated Horror Flash Fiction

Greetings, Everyone! Today, I have a narrated flash fiction horror story based on one of my illustrations. I created this illustration using Daz3D Studio and Pixelmator. I hope you enjoy the illustration, the story, and its narration. Tell me what you think of it in the comments below. Until next

The Deal

“You see how it bent her backwards, snapped her spine clean in half? This poor girl was lucky.” Edd pointed at the broken corpse. Daren twisted his mouth and fought to keep his dinner in his stomach. The stench was unlike anything he ever smelled before. “How is that lucky?” “Man,

A Cold Decision

This was literally a once in a lifetime offer as the Organization made it very clear they would not ask again. A chance to help and save people around the world in a real way, for Jillian, was a great opportunity to become more than what she was, stronger than

Sudden Guilt

She’s destroyed many lives. Many, many lives. More lives than she cared to remember. And at the end of each one, a part of her own soul died. Soon, in horrific realization, the woman who prided herself on being fearless, finally came face to face with the one thing that

Alone With Our Losses

A faithful companion to the end, MB76 was now gone. Unable to repair his power source, Eli finds herself all alone in the silence of the derelict ship without a clue how she’ll get back home.

Left Behind

Sucks, don’t it?

The End

If he can’t make it back to base to warn his superiors, it definitely will be the end, of everything.

Sunset, Dead Rise

After re-animation, the Undead creature will consume a Human victim, wear their flesh like a suit, assume their life, and go on to commit great acts of horror to quench its thirst for Human suffering. It could traumatize and destroy countless lives before needing to acquire a new flesh-suite and

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