A Cold Decision

This was literally a once in a lifetime offer as the Organization made it very clear they would not ask again. A chance to help and save people around the world in a real way, for Jillian, was a great opportunity to become more than what she was, stronger than what she was.

A decision had to be made and a tough one at that.

She went for a walk in the park to clear her mind and gather her thoughts. There was something about winter time, the cold and peppering snowflakes, that soothed her, calmed her fiery soul. It was very quiet and oddly desolate on the walking paths today. As she hugged herself in the warmth of her fur jacket, she could hear nothing but the steady rhythm of her boots crunching across the snow-covered ground.

Stay or Leave were her choices, and she weighed the pros and cons of each with a great deal of anxiety.

If she left, it meant traveling to God knows where, risking her life to save others, and fighting forces of darkness birthed from nightmares. Despite the real danger, there was a fair amount of excitement and lure to it all she couldn’t deny. But leaving also meant cutting all ties with everyone in her current life she had come to know and love, and most likely never see them again. Ever.

She also couldn’t deny that a big part of her was not happy with her life as it is. It was safe and comfortable. Nowhere near perfect, but it was good nonetheless, and in many ways lacking though.

Jillian couldn’t be her true self, without freaking people out that is. They wouldn’t understand her abilities, what she could do with them. Her friends would most likely be terrified with ignorance and misunderstanding. Understandably so, to a degree, but she’d have to continue to hide what she thought was the best part of herself. Keep her true nature a secret. And now, after giving it some thought, she really didn’t want to live like that anymore.

No. She didn’t want that at all.

She looked up at the bare trees with their ice-covered branches, then up to the cloudy gray skies above, and made her decision. Focusing her energies, her eyes began to glow crimson and the air around her crackled with sparks of electricity. Expanding her mind beyond her physical being, she reached out to where the Organization told her to go should she accept their offer. Bending time and space around her like a shimmering cloak, she vanished in a violent gust of wind leaving behind swirling snowflakes and a trail of footprints in the snow that came to an abrupt end.

A Cold Decision


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