You’re Not There (pt2)


I keep going back to the place where we first met

Guess I’m hoping that I’ll met you again

Strangers all I see instead

And they’re nothing like you

Sometimes, I sit there and wait all night

Our friends and family get concerned

But I tell them that I’m all right

I’m just waiting for an answer

Why should I go home when you’re not there?

Can somebody answer me?

Why should I go home if you’re not there?

I try so hard to go inside

But I can’t

Cause I know you won’t be there

For my life to have any worth

I really need you to be here


3 thoughts on “You’re Not There (pt2)

  1. Such a sad but romantic poem.


    1. I agree. Losing a spouse, or any loved one for that matter, is heart breaking. Watching some one come to grips with it can be even more heart breaking.


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