In Terms Of Work…

I snapped both of these pictures a couple of weeks ago, the one above, going to work one rainy morning; the one blow, right outside my job just as I got off work one sunny afternoon.

Out Of The Music…

My Top 3 Favorites on this album are: What I’m Gonna Be, Love On It, and Brash Picking. I’ve finished another album of instrumentals and want to share my growing contributions of musical expression. AudioPuzzle 3: Evolution is complete. While continuing to learn how to play the guitar, I took

Neglected Industry…

Today, I felt like sharing some of my newbie attempts at photography. A couple of years ago, I took some pictures of a really interesting industrial area. These were taken around an area I used to work in. It’s a very interesting place visually, very industrial. The decay and overgrowth easily

Plastic Smiles…

The other night, we had a fight You weren’t right, but out of spite You try to win, bring it up again So I’ll give in. So, I concede Apparently, that’s what you need No big deal. I hope you feel better But, you don’t. You feel like pepper You

When Actually Writing…

I keep switching between writing long hand and writing on the computer. This greatly impacts the speed at which I can crank out a scene  and ultimately complete a story draft. This has been a long, hard, vicious battle that must end! I do like writing long hand. One reason is because I can write

Out Of Character…

I developed the main character of my current novel to be one way, but once I started writing for her, she turn into someone else. A change like that can alter the tone and sometimes even the direction of a story. It’s funny how your characters can rebel against their

Out Of Writing Groups…

I’m in a writing group and I must say, I’ve learned a great many things from it. Writing groups are great because they allow you to see how your writing fares with a small section of the public, in a sense, and helps to increases your writing skills by regularly

Out Of The Writing…

While working on Cadaver Dog, I created a character on the fly to get through a scene, and now that character is a permanent supporting cast member. Had I not made that move, I wouldn’t have been able to write the scene, which was out of the question. It’s great how unexpected things

Life Is Great…

At every turn, we are challenged to be better, to be stronger, than what we are in that moment.

California Rain…

I stumbled across Kacie Marie while surfing the net this morning. Well, actually, I was scanning through website templates at Squarespace as I do from time to time to get some visual ideas for my own site/blog. Anyway, I was looking at one of the templates and they use the sites

Love On It…

I’ve got a new track to share with you all from the upcoming AudioPuzzle III. No lyrics yet, but it’s a quirky little upbeat thing about two people who can’t keep their hands off each other.

I Do Likes My Toys…

Obviously, since childhood, toys have spurred my creativity, especially as a writer. Back then of course, I didn’t realize how spending hours upon hours using action figures to create dialog, drama, conflict, and suspense, strictly on the fly, would become such a handy skill-set as it is for me now. Unfortunately, as most children do,

I Do Likes My Blades…

At the risk of sounding…”crazy”, I have to say that I love blades, knives that is. Ha, not in a “I want to cut flesh” kind of way  but, in a “I appreciate the construction and design of a good knife”. I appreciate it as a tool. Its one of the simplest and most

Let Me Tell You Something…

Let me tell you something.  I don’t care about you or your fuckin’ hot chocolate, okay? I don’t need anybody! Billy Brown – BUFFALO’66 (1998)

What I’m Gonna Be…

A new track for the AudioPuzzle. I had a lot of fun putting this one together. It was sitting around for months, just two guitar tracks I recorded playing off each other and I didn’t know what to do with them. Nothing else seemed to fit at the time, so

It’s Not About What People Want To Hear…

In terms of being an artist, it’s not about what people want to hear, it’s about who’ll listen to what you have to say.

Get’cho Billions…

Those new H&R Block commercials kill me. “Get your billions back, America!” The song they use is not a good one to promote money. I wonder if people realize that? Come to think of it, is there a good song about money?

Money Is A Tool…

Money is a tool that should be used to enhance your way of life, which in turn, can help you enrich the lives of those less fortunate; but know that money cannot buy you what truly matters in life. It is only a means to an end and not an

In Terms of Creativity…

Why do what’s done most of the time when you can just as easily do what’s not?

Work With A Purpose…

Realize the purpose in all your works. See that your efforts are invested in a defined and progressive goal.

You Stole My Heart

One of my most recent tracks. An instrumental. A confession of love. I live me life outside it all Untouchable to those who Want to hold me down I do what I please The last thing I need is for you To come along and make me Question who I

Worse Than Children…

A parent tells a child don’t touch the stove cause it’s hot and you’ll get burned, child doesn’t listen, curiosity gets the better of them, child touches stove, gets burned, runs to parent for help, healing, and comfort, learns a valuable lesson that they will literally never forget, doesn’t touch hot stove again. God

Do You Look Forward To Your Dreams?

Not your dreams as in the goals you plan to achieve, I mean, literally, your dreams when you go to sleep. Much like how a book can take you to far away places to go on grand adventures, for me, my dreams do the very same things. Only, unlike a

Since Walking Dead’s Not On…

With the only reason why I still have cable on break till February, outside of Discovery ID that is,  I’ve gotten pulled into Destiny. DESTINY “In Destiny you are a Guardian of the last city on Earth, able to wield incredible power. Explore the ancient ruins of our solar system, from the

We Speak English…

But not the same language, which is why we don’t understand each other.

It Hurts

My latest instrumental | IT HURTS: Electric Guitars, Strings, Drums, Pain.

They Took What They Were Not Ready To Handle

God created them free and gave them the world, and in turn, they became slaves of the world and created their own shackles.

Bad Decisions…

Most, if not all, bad decisions are made out of fear, ignorance, or malice.

CADAVER DOG: PJ4 – Smoothing Out The Bumps

Well, its been an eventful last couple of weeks. Chapter 3 was kicking my behind but, I’ve gotten it under control. I ran into a big problem with Sylvia’s, my 13-year-old protagonist, powers. As usual, when I created her I developed her powers, made charts and everything (I’m not joking)

Sometimes, You Need A Break…

I took a much needed break from Cadaver Dog last week, hence no Project Journal Update. After restructuring plot points and organizing chapter 3, my brain was FRIED. So, I had to stop, though my creativity had other plans, as usual. My focused switched from writing stories to my other

We All Want To Be Loved…

We all want to be understood just as much as we want to be loved.

CADAVER DOG: PJ3 – Now Taking Chapter 3, Now Taking Chapter 3!

8/21/14 I realized the actions of a Supporting Character, who has since been promoted to a Plot Character, actually sets my Antagonist in motion. So, Pretty much, I had to lay down their plot points first, then my Antagonist, then my 2nd Plot Character, then my Protagonist actually. All other

Some Cool Feedback

Today, a fairly new co-worker of mine, me being the one who is fairly new to the job, told me she bought my Novelette: Two-Sided Triangle, and really liked the story. She also said she wouldn’t mind reading some sort of a prequel to the story as well as an

CADAVER DOG: Project Note 8.21.14

Structuring Act 1 If you read my last post, you know that I’m structuring the plot points for my upcoming novel. Today was my first sit down with the Act 1 and it was a lunch hour of grueling mind-bending torture, but oh so fun! Just had enough time to

Cadaver Dog: PJ2 – Structuring The Beast

Okay, okay, okay, I’ve spent the last couple months redeveloping and gathering plot points for Cadaver Dog’s 18 characters and I’ve finally, just today, finished dumping them all into my writing stew pot. I organized the plot points by Main Characters, Plot Characters, Supporting Characters,  and Element Characters within a

ANCHOR: The reason why…

ANCHOR: The underlying reason why a character can’t walk away from achieving their goal. Not to be confused with MOTIVE: The main reason why a character wants to achieve their goal.

When Times Are Hard…

…and surrender seems easy, remember that you are strengthened by your struggles as they are conquered, not as you are defeated by them.

Yep, it’s official…

I’m obsessed with Character Anchors now.

Something A Little Light-Hearted…

…compared to what I normally write, that is. For the last couple days i’ve had this scene rolling around in my skull and finally decided to put it down on paper, so to speak. It belongs to a project that I probably won’t get to for some time titled: The

CADAVER DOG: Project Journal 1

My Antagonist is turning out better than I developed. He’s so cool with being a monster. I love the way characters really come to life once you start actually writing for them.


it’s an addiction, I tell you!

And My Next Project is…

For the last three months I’ve been in the developing stages of a novel, the first in a series, scheduled to release early next year. It’s a story that started out, a couple of years ago, as a sci-fi spec script simply titled after it’s protagonist: Sylvia. Now, it’s a

You’re Not There (pt2)

I keep going back to the place where we first met Guess I’m hoping that I’ll met you again Strangers all I see instead And they’re nothing like you Sometimes, I sit there and wait all night Our friends and family get concerned But I tell them that I’m all

Wake Up, Baby

She said: Wake up, Baby Its morning I really had a good time last night But my boyfriends on his way home You gotta go — What am I doing this for? Sneaking out another back door Good enough to take home at night Not enough to stay in the

I Try

This is perhaps MY MOST FAVORITE SONG! EVER! Even as a kid, when my Mom would play this song, I felt like I knew what Angela Bofill was talking about. The lyrics are so sad yet beautiful and very emotional. You can feel it in the music and her voice,

One Dance

Original Music: R&B Instrumental. AudioPuzzle4. I was just in one of those moods, lol!

From The Trees

My backyard after we got all that snow and ice in “Atlanta” a couple months ago. I was one of the lucky ones who didn’t get stuck on the highways for a bazillion hours.

Meet The CheckMates!

I was messing around on my iPad towards the end of 2013 using a great app called “53” FiftyThree. I was just doodling about and as what usually happens my mind began to wondered and a created a cool little group of characters called CheckMates. Basically, they are rejected Chess

You Got Me

You’ve got me Sitting here Watching the clock Counting down the time Until I Can come and see you, baby Can’t concentrate On my work today Cause all I’m thinking ’bout Is holding you, baby Throw my car drive Cursing traffic lights Because they’re stopping me From seeing you, baby

So Special

One of my latest original tracks from AudioPuzzle 4. — You’re so special To Me You’re everything I wanted You to be It’s hardly hard to love you It’s easy I can go on as long as It’s you and me You and me…

Why Should I Try?

Oh, I’m sure that you expected me To stop you at the door Pleading, baby, please But, I said, no more I’m not gonna play this game Something has to change And It might as well be me I gotta question for you, girl — Why should I try When

Long As You Know

AudioPuzzle 3: Original, Instrumental Long as you know that’s its all right.


She takes after her mother Who was never a girl who could stand still Every man she dates She lets him think that he has the right skills She only lets him in So she can get what she wants And once she has his soul She suddenly turns cold

Gimme Love Or Let Me Go

AUDIOPUZZLE3 – Original Music: Instrumental. Made this one a while back.

List Of Demands

Stop what you’re doing, I want you to come over So we can relax and chill on the sofa Watch scary movies and laugh at the fakers Guess how they end and see where they take ’em When we get hungry we’ll eat home cooked meals Then play videogames to


~  Love makes you do crazy things, and sometimes…there’s another reason ~ A college student, determined to marry her oblivious boyfriend after graduation, plans a surprise proposal, only to discover another girl has him in her sights. Two-Sided Triangle is warped psychological roller coaster about Tammy, an impulsive, wild-child college senior and

Meet Tammy

Here’s an excerpt from my upcoming release, Two-Sided Triangle, where you’ll be introduced to a…unique leading lady. Michael will never see this coming! That’s what Tammy banked on when she pulled up to his one story ranch house. It was late, but the soft white glow seeping through the curtains of his

I Remember You

Memories of the past never seem to pass When I think of you, there’s really nothing I can do About the way I feel, I’m like, this can’t be real I can still feel you even though you’re not touching me Tears drop from my eyes, I don’t want to

Two-Sided Triangle: COVER REVEAL

Looks like I’ll be able to get this story out earlier than I thought. That’s always a good thing. I’m shooting for a Valentines Day release, yep, this Friday, which would be simultaneously ironic and fitting given the story’s main event. Anyway enjoy the cover image and here’s another little


My man, Mr. Gae! This poor man is drowning in emotions! Literally, lol! There are subtitles for those who want to know what he’s talking about, just hit the [cc] button while in full-screen mode The track itself, the music? Man, listen! The lyrics? Emotionally Driven and RAW! Right up

ANNOUNCEMENT: Two-Sided Triangle

It’s about that time again. Time to release and share another story with the world! I’ve been hard at work on two stories, one of which I’m about to release, and the other I’m converting from a screenplay to a novel. If you enjoyed my first two stories, Mother’s Little

I Hate – You Don’t Care

I hate the way that you say what you say When you talk to me, fuss at me, yell at me, scream at me And I hate the way that you frown, you don’t smile When you look at me, you sneer at me, I saw you roll your eyes

Been There Before

Don’t try to hide it I can tell by your eyes That you’ve been crying ‘Till you just couldn’t cry anymore I now it hurts like nothing that you’ve ever felt before The pain runs deep to your core They say that love hurts But that term just doesn’t seem

And Smile

You know I’m right We’re both wrong Never should’ve let this go on this long I’m no good You’re not bad I’m the reason and cause for what we had You said “No” I said “Yes” Until I wore you down, I did my best But you’ve got a husband


One of my wife’s favorite tracks from my most recent batch of songs. She says it puts her in a good and makes her want to dance, lol! “I’m not too far! I’ll be there for you!”

Stay Tonight

Even if it’s just this once That’ll be okay I’d rather have something Than nothing at all We can stay up all night Let the music play And talk about everything under the sun I want to spend some time with you I want to see your face And lie

My 2013 in review with WordPress

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog. Here’s an excerpt: A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 2,300 times in 2013. If it were a cable car, it would take about 38 trips to carry that many people.

What Makes Me Happy…

When a Supporting Character births a killer Sub Plot!  

I Shot Him Six Times…

I shot him six times! I shot him six times! I shot him six times! Dr. Loomis – HALLOWEEN II (1981)


Why are you punishing me? Is it because I love? Why are you punishing me? Is it because I love who I love And I won’t let you own me?

Why Did You Walk Away?

When I woke up, I saw you sitting on the edge of the bed I asked you what was wrong, but you wouldn’t tell me Right there, was the first time I felt you’d gone astray Days went by, you started acting strange Then finally sat me down and said

SMASHWORDS SALE: From Christmas Eve until New Years

From Christmas Eve until New Years, Mother’s Little Helper and Pushed will be 50% off at SMASHWORDS for any eReader near you! Mother’s Little Helper: $0.99 The bond between mother and son is unique…and sometimes fatal. Like most little boys, Bryan Gilbert loves his mother to death, and he’ll do absolutely anything


Snapped this picture of my son a couple years ago. I like to think he was playing with his imaginary friend who was NOT a benevolent spirit waiting to cause havoc on my household! Though, it does become more unsettling the longer I look at this picture. I’ve watched and

No Cardboard Cutouts Allowed!

Going through Character Edits for my next release, making sure all the characters are present, active, and reactive in their scenes.

AUDIOPUZZLE3: Track 9.Wait For Me

Her Protector

Ever since She was a little girl She had a dream of Effecting the world It’s the only thing She’s wanted since that age She’d dress up and Put on little shows To entertain Her mother and father The applauds they gave Put focus to her dream And even though

WHAT’S THE STORY? Movie Theater

I took this picture at a movie theater a couple months ago while my wife and I waited to see Fast&Furious 6. I took other pictures that day, but when we returned home and went through my camera roll, this picture in particular stood out because of the woman sitting


Our love is not electric, its chemical.

I Know What’s Going On

Hello, Baby Yes, I know It’s real late I”ve got questions Who is she? Don’t lie to me, Baby Cause I know Where you’ve been What you’re doing Do you love her? Either way, Baby I just hope she is worth What you’re losing Yes, I do really How could

EVERNOTE: For On-The-Go Story Development

Evernote is a fantastic information storage tool that saves to the cloud. You can save/store practically any kind of file format: Text, Image, Video, Audio, you name it, Evernote can store it. With desktop, web, tablet, and mobile phone applications you can create, share, store, and access your information anytime,

A COUPLE QUESTIONS: w/ Rebecca Clare Smith

Rebecca Clare Smith is a fantastic writer from the UK. I’ve followed her blog for some time now and we’ve “chitchatted” here and there, off and on through blog posts, Twitter, and Facebook throughout that time. Back in September of this year, she released a story, Desecrated Bonds, and when

I Only Slept With Her Because…

I only slept with her because I’m in love with you! Sean Bateman – THE RULES OF ATTRACTION (2002) 

I Got An Award! You Got An Award! 2

Hello, all! The lovely Poet and Sci-Fi Author, Y.I.Washington, saw fit to bestow upon me The Versatile Blogger Award, which I am honored to accept and be considered such. To follow the rules, I must share seven facts about myself and nominate other bloggers who deserve the award. Here’s seven little


Fill Line

Seems like Everybody knows what I should do Seems like Everybody knows how I should be Seems like Everybody has something to say If I don’t do What everybody Thinks that I should do I’m telling you Sometimes I just can’t take the pressure Of everybody pouring into my life

ORIGINAL MUSIC: Thinking About

Another track I made a couple of weeks ago. Instrumental Version. Thinking About: Love, Life, Us Thinking About: What you said…

You Surprised Me

I was afraid That you’d walk away When I approached you I was afraid That you’d laugh in my face When I asked you to dance But you said, “Yes.” And let me lead you To the floor We danced to a song And when it was over You said,

PUSHED: Now Available

– Revenge is sweet, but the taste is fleeting – Warren, a promising teen, victimized by neighborhood bullies, devises a sinister plan to take them down. If he survives the night, he’ll either become the neighborhood hero or something far worse than the hoodlums ever were. Pushed is a gritty

My Reason For Keeping Cable

The Walking Dead! (and the fact that my son like’s Sprout) But, as far as Adult Reasons, the only one my wife and I still have for keeping cable is because of The Walking Dead. The story is great, the characters are cool, the character arcs are even better, and

Oh, Yes! Oh, Yes! Oh, Yes! Oh, Yes!…

OH YES! Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes! I do believe we have some crack-cocaine! White Girl: FREEWAY II – CoaT (1999) 

PUSHED: Cover Reveal

With the release of my latest story, PUSHED, right around the corner, it’s about that time. Cover Reveal Time! I really like this cover. Not only does it capture the dark and cold winter climate of the story, but it also illustrates how alone and isolated Warren feels with what he

Not My Hostage

It’s all my fault somehow, I know At least, that’s the story that you’ll tell them Since yours is the only one that matters Because your the only one that does You don’t have to sneak around Plot and scheme Perfect exit strategies As far as I’m concerned Do whatever

PUSHED: Excerpt

Today, I’m sharing an excerpt from PUSHED, a story that I plan to release next week. It’s about a promising teen victimized by neighborhood bullies, on the streets of New York, and his battle to be a victim no more. Sneak Peek below:

PUSHED: Arena for a Story

I’m going to release another story later this month. It’s somewhat of a thriller called Pushed. As my last story, Mother’s Little Helper, dealt with a little boy’s blind love for his mother, Pushed will deal with some of the possible effects and consequences of bullying for both the victim

Don’t Cry For Me

I know you didn’t deserve it Guess you could say I’m perverted Wanted to see how far you’d go So I built you up And then said “No” Took your innocence for weakness Now I’m craving that same sweetness Always thought you’d be right here When I die I want

Writing, Writing, and More…Music?

Been away from my virtual base of operations these last couple weeks due to a creative spikes in both my writing and musical interests. Writing wise, I’ve been working on the third story I aim to publish titled “One-Sided Triangle”. It’s a rewrite of an old story of mine that


As some of you know, along with poetry, screenplays, and novels, I also write songs. It’s yet another form of storytelling. I wanted to share the latest track I’ve been working on. This one is R&B, No lyrics yet, just music.

Even After

An Enduring Love

Short and Sweet

Learning how to write screenplays was one of the best things I could have done to enhance my “novel-writing” skills. Given the page count limitations of screenplays, every word you write must serve a purpose and drive the story forward. You have to grab the script reader on the first

You’re Not There (spouse in mourning)

When death steals the love of your life.

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