CADAVER DOG: PJ3 – Now Taking Chapter 3, Now Taking Chapter 3!


8/21/14 I realized the actions of a Supporting Character, who has since been promoted to a Plot Character, actually sets my Antagonist in motion. So, Pretty much, I had to lay down their plot points first, then my Antagonist, then … Continue reading

Some Cool Feedback

Today, a fairly new co-worker of mine, me being the one who is fairly new to the job, told me she bought my Novelette: Two-Sided Triangle, and really liked the story. She also said she wouldn’t mind reading some sort of a prequel to the story as well as an extension and or sequel to see what’s become of the characters.

Pretty cool and unexpected.

I told her that I do plan on having the characters, those surviving, fill the pages of another story that will be a full blown novel, not really a sequel though. I hadn’t though of writing a prequel before, but since she mentioned it, and if other readers request it, I’ll definitely entertain the idea.

Who am I to say no? lol!

CADAVER DOG: Project Note 8.21.14

Structuring Act 1
If you read my last post, you know that I’m structuring the plot points for my upcoming novel. Today was my first sit down with the Act 1 and it was a lunch hour of grueling mind-bending torture, but oh so fun! Just had enough time to group plot points by chapter with some slight linear ordering. Not done yet! #almostbrainfried